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  1. would any of my fellow datsun 1980 210 drivers have a connect for braided brake lines. i'm looking to ditch these rubber lines haven't found anything that fits.
  2. a couple years ago a bought a 80 210 door off a hatchback from a scrapyard. today found out that coupes & hatchbacks are not same. swapped over everything from my coupe door to the natchback door & the window frame does not match to the coupe. so i removed the window frame from the coupe door to weld on the hatchback. update to come
  3. @sunny310 wheel 15'' tire 195 50 15 no camber adjustment. i do not know the offset
  4. Update everything installed & sitting low.
  5. photobucket killed this thread big time homes
  6. yup i have the tubes paint sanded to bare metal & spot sanded to bare metal for brake line bracket
  7. i will keep you in mind. all my co-workers are telling go to up garage in tacoma
  8. yes there are i have a spare set of stock struts that are getting the choppy chop & the hotty hot
  9. i received my coilovers in the mail they look legit. Do any of my fellow Ratsun driver know any GOOD welder AKA not no booger welds either in the seattle area? I hope i added the photo right.
  10. i'll have to make drive down there and see whats up
  11. i believe its the 3rd or 4th picture and that hardware looks familiar to me
  12. COOCHaDAMus

    80 210 coilover

    are these coilovers worth anything, because i'm having issues getting hold 82-84 280zx front struts.>>>>>>> https://www.ebay.com/itm/GECKO-RACING-G-STREET-Coilover-for-77-81-NISSAN-Sunny-Datsun-210-303/323272013846?hash=item4b44837816:g:GUEAAOSw0O9bB5wl
  13. do any of you fellow datsun gear heads know if a 75 datsun 620 windshield would fit on a 80 210. man these po-po's are getting kinda crazy pointing pistol for this.
  14. Thanks Mike for the info, be easy
  15. will a windshield from a 74-78 B210 fit on a 80 210? looking at images on google the 78 B210 top corners look more rounded than 80 210. i keep getting jacked by one-time for my cracked windshield, and i don't react good to one time. oyeah i am extremely allergic to bullets too. somebody let me know.
  16. i miss the golden garden meet. what happen to it did the po-po's stop this from happening?
  17. so pitroad does respond to e-mails. i couldn't get anything from them.
  18. Update......this is what a got and its working like champ . Fitment could be better the gap between the core support & rad is kinda big (Last Pic).
  19. Pumpkin Dave would ride those crazy ass hella tall bikes.
  20. how was the size to your original , i gotta 80 210 it looks i got a gutt feeling it maybe too small
  21. anyone buy one of 3 core aluminum radiator & are they any good. heres link>>> https://www.ebay.com/itm/3-core-aluminum-radiator-fan-for-DATSUN-1200-1-2L-Manual/122047388047?fits=Make%3ADatsun&hash=item1c6a97598f:g:0boAAOSwZVlXilfl
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