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  1. Highly suggest a tube of liquid butyl rubber. Inject lightly under the seal once installed, before installing trim. If you get any on the car, and petroleum based substance will wipe it away.
  2. <p>A guy over on the ozdat forum has bored out multiple L18s. Many will go to 89mm but all the ones he did ovaled inside of a year of driving. My L18 went to 87mm without a problem.</p>
  3. I cant stand that show, but I love this wagon.
  4. Sometimes a change of focus is what is needed. I lost focus on my car, and when a friend messed up my radiator while welding it, I changed my focus to another part of the car and suddenly got a lot work done on the front suspension. I love this build, shows a different side to the average car build.
  5. Laecaon


    Let's also not forget he changed the date for his show this year, from the weekend before Canby to the same weekend as Canby.
  6. Laecaon

    280zx struts

    I thought the 7/8ths was too stiff. I liked my 3/4". Probably would have gone to the 620 13/16th if I was still driving my car.
  7. Laecaon

    Feels like autumn.

    I couldn't here my non clutch fan over my intake.
  8. Probably a better question for Thomas, but my guess is no.
  9. Laecaon

    280zx struts

    I like the RCA solution. Because you are lowering the car with the struts, might as fix your roll center/bumpsteer.
  10. I bought mine from the guy on Ebay back when it was $100. I had no such issues, other than the bows wanting to fall down while installing. But it fit my wagon great. Nice material, and enough for the pillars and sunvisors (which I havent covered yet). So either the Aussie wagon is different or the company just has bad quality control, probably the latter. Did the binder clip method to glue in the edges. Everything pulled nice and tight. Also, I forgot to note the location of where the bows came from, Heard they were different front to back. Also there were 3 holes for each bow to go into.
  11. Laecaon

    Heated seats

    But don't you have an Altima alternator? I agree though. My BMW with a 120a alt can power both seats, rear window/side mirrors, sub woofer, 6 headlight bulbs and everything else it does without flinching. But the 510 stock alternator is a 35 amp one...
  12. Laecaon

    Heated seats

    Find a e30 wiring diagram, wire it like that. Use a relay for sure. Also make sure you have a big alternator, any electrical device that makes heat is never too efficient and uses a lot of power.
  13. Laecaon

    Feels like autumn.

    Damnit, I want e30 seats so bad! They are nearly a grand for ones in that condition here.
  14. Laecaon

    Feels like autumn.

    I have Datsunlandsocal inner/outer window squeegee and channel felt. Thailand door seals, and Vintage Rubber windshield seal. Everything else is either still original to the car or sourced from another wagon.
  15. Laecaon

    Feels like autumn.

    Thailand rubber isnt about winter, the problem is the sun. The UV light kills the bad quality rubber from Thailand. Get a quality windshield seal. Other than that, pick and choose your other seals based on cost vs how much sunlight they get directly.
  16. Laecaon

    Feels like autumn.

    Um... I thought this was solved... http://community.ratsun.net/topic/70075-510-rear-drums-too-tight And slight drag is ok. You adjust to lock up, then back off. Stop buying part store parts until you know what brand the item actually is. Who actually makes O'Rielly's brake shoes/drums? Also take a picture of how your shoes are installed. We have no idea what you are actually doing.
  17. Running S13 knuckles. Super modified though to help correct bump steer (or bring it into reality). I already determined that 510 knuckles wont even get a remotely close steering angle to park the car. I originally was going to run 280zx steering arms. Plus, your knuckles dont take into account how much I have modified my crossmember or steering rack (its a little over 3 inches shorter).
  18. With the CA, the turbo wants to exist in the same space as the box. There was just no way to keep the stock manifold and the steering box.
  19. Why I am doing my own for the CA swap. I really wanted to keep my bottom mount manifold.
  20. Laecaon

    Feels like autumn.

    That isn't what the underside of a wagon looks like...
  21. Laecaon

    Hid lights for 720

    LEDs in halogen housings can be just as bad as HIDs. HIDs don't even attempt to have the light arc in the same position as halogen bulbs. LEDs at least attempt this so have a higher success rate. Right now the only ones worth getting are the ones with two Cree XHP50 LEDs on them. That said, a proper HID setup is still brighter than LED right now.
  22. Im with Draker, I always read this thread. Im not a huge fan of Ratsun anymore, but I stick around for a few threads like this one. The work being done to your car is impressive as always. I think this car will have a really nice style to it when its all "done."
  23. I used 7/8 of a gallon of single stage on my wagon. But I am a novice painter.
  24. O ring worked great on my 510. While you have it out, Pour some CLR into the core and let it sit. Then (with valve out of circuit) connect a garden hose to the core, switch back and forth on the inlet/outlet. I blasted out tons of corrosion from my core doing this. Made my heater work awesome when it didnt before.
  25. Yep, I have a friend using 850 seals on a 510(though seals are supposed to be on the door) and another using 850 seals on a 521.
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