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521 'King Cab'


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What's up guys! New to the board...not to Datsuns. This is my 70 521 stretched 10in. This project started back in '03 and took 8 mos. to modify. After body dropping my 720 I wanted to own a body dropped 521, but I barely fit in my 720! And so the 521 KC was built.

The rundown..

2.5 in body drop, bed floor raised 5in. (no bags or 4 link yet!)

620 KC frame (moved body mounts slightly) disc brakes!

521 doner cab for back half and about 15 in of roof

door skins to fill in the cab

720 tilt steering column

L18 w/dropped motor mounts & sectioned oil pan

5 speed trans.

more to come!





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hey ray good to see ya made it here, i'm tom from phx az,i believe we have talked before at the past couple of reso's, i have the 79 orange 620 with the tilt bed, welcome home to the best family of datsun fanatics u will ever meet. by the way as i told u before, nice ride, good fab job..:)

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:)Thanks guys for the comments!:) This truck was built over 5 yrs ago by myself and Ruben Pena in Santa Paula CA.(The primer paint has aged well, giving it that 'patina' look!) I used to make the 2hr drive every weekend for 8mos gettin the truck back together for Resolutions 2004. I have slowly been gettin back to work on her. I have spent a TON of money collecting NOS parts that have'nt even made it on the truck yet! More pics and progress to come! Again, thank you everyone for the feedback!:)

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What's up Datsunheads!! More info:


Gensaken: Yeah quarter windows are still an option, my first idea were 620 style but a couple of 521 window frames fabbed up would look better..maybe even up & down action!!:rolleyes:


kansascity1: Yes I have every intention to bag it! I can't wait to lay rocker...just not in the budget right now:mad:


mklotz: During the build-up we used several disposable cameras, I wish I knew were they went!!:o


more pics:


The $65.00 bamboo interior...




'69 metal top dash mated to '70 "grain" style lower dash...


glossy top, semi flat black bottom I kinda dig the offset black look:cool:


185/60/14's with NOS 620 hubcaps...



Prelude seats, for now.. gonna go with something more 'era correct'...



720 ST wheel with kustom horn button...



fresh plates!!


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Those quarter windows are too large and detract from the idea of lengthning the cab. I don't know personally what I would add. Nothing bubble or slanted, but definately not that big. Ray's actually looks better than the red one WITHOUT any quarter windows. It would be a tough decision to make cuts in something that already looks great. My 2 cents.

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