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  1. $4,300?!? That's way to rich for my blood 😕 Looking for one to bag again so it'll get cut up pretty quick. It's really hard to justify to my wife the purchase that big plus cutting on it. Edit: Those pictures, gross.
  2. So there are no 620s in my area (Within 500 miles) except for like 2 of them and they both want stupid money (Like a few k) so those are out. I've checked eBay, Craigs List, Grinder, Facebook Marketplace, Grinder again, and Tik-Tok to no avail. Does anyone know of any place I could look besides those? There are a few 720s but gross. I would consider having one shipped from you guys on the West Coast if anyone sees a good deal on one.
  3. And all the pics I had a digital copy of but after our house fire we lost everything so obviously the laptops went 😕 The funniest thing is I'm remembering painting my truck, I remember trying to make a shitty "Star" stencil for the door and getting overspray everywhere just to make it look a little haggard. If anyone will remember it's me right?!?
  4. Yeah, Photobucket said pay some dollars or I can only access like 50 pictures. I downloaded them and then when I went back it said "Pay or delete" And I got pissed and closed out of it. As soon as I did I went back it PB was all "Lol wut? We deleted those after you left man." so now all those pics are gone...
  5. Yey, but believe it or not I come back and lurk about once ever 6 months or so 😉
  6. So got in a discussion with the wife earlier (Same first wife from way back WOOT!) and she said I never painted my truck green or had a star on it. Does anyone have any old pics by chance? Any are fine really, even early ones when it wasn't green would be nice to see again 😉 Been wanting back in since I sold it the last time and have kicked myself for it every day since. I've never stopped looking for another one and as soon as I do run across one I'll be back, bet.
  7. Anyone want any of the green 620s? Wife threw a fit when she found my stash of 20 or so and won't let me keep but 2 (one opened and one not) so the rest have to go :( Would like to sell them off as one to make shipping easy.
  8. Here ;) I lurk a lot, I come in every few days and post once a month or so when I see something really sweet. There are no Datsons where I am now (Virginia) so I come more for the truck pron than anything :devil:
  9. I've never seen the yellow one, is that a Kmart exclusive? Where do the 55s come from, I LOVE those!!!
  10. Yes, just joined last week. Thought this was a Miata forum but turns out it's a Simpsons fan club... I'll show myself out ;) Congrats on becoming a mod Skib!!!
  11. I started running across little green 620's last week. I found one 510 wagon and a few 240z as well but just got one z. Are you guys seeing these too?
  12. Damn, wish I could find another Datsun to play with :(
  13. The one in orange looks like ASS, but the one in grey in insanely nice! If I still had mine I would really think about that if it was about 1k-1200 shipped. I know that's cheap, but it's hard to spend much more for what's basically a "Fast and Furious" kit.
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