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  1. Yeah, Not much in the Datsun scene asside from these hot wheels. Figured you'd gotten out of the Datsun stuff as well.
  2. I am striking out with this new set. So far I've found 1 yellow RX-7 and 1 turquoise Skyline. No green 620s or 510 wagons. I did recently get a whole handful of the red 620s. Any one want to do some trading? I have quite a few extras of previous datsuns and some Homer Simpson cars and Flintstones cars. Also got a few previous Treasure Hunts. Also a heads up for those that are fans of Ghost Busters and Batman, the new Halloween set has a Ecto-1 and old school Batmobile in it. The local collectors grabbed them all before I could get any.
  3. I worked at a Hyundai dealership a number of years ago and large amount of the buyers of the new cars were from Korea, so much so they got a sales person who spoke it. From what I was told it was some how cheaper to buy them in the USA than back in Korea and since they were manufacured in Korea they had little trouble shipping them back to home when they were finished with their time in the States. Once they started making them in the USA they stopped buying.
  4. Spotted a pretty nice tan colored 510 with fender mirrors heading south on I-5 in Southern Oregon on Saturday. Looked like it was heading to California.
  5. Haven't been much in to Datsuns these days, sold off all my extra cars and some of my parts. Still have a lot left but It is still hard for me to part with it.
  6. Well, that was fast. Hit up a Wal-Mart, Picked up two of the black 2000GTs and two of the new Delorians. Stopped by a Fred Meyer picked up two of the 620's, one of those lifted toyota PUs and they actually had a Red 2000GT which was kind of hard to find around here. Anyone want to sell or trade me one of those 510 wagons? I'm not really in to paying the stupid ebay prices on these things. Also willing to trade, got multiples of most of the Datsuns that have come out from Hotwheels.
  7. Yeah, twice a year sounds about right, didn't know my inbox was maxed. I'm not sure a bank loan on a 510 is such a good idea..
  8. Sorry no one knows me. :ninja: I'll swap out the pump some time soon and see if that solves the issue. Then on to the next thing. :hmm:
  9. I mainly wanted to be sure that it was an issue with the sending unit and not anything else. I have another sending unit that was working when put away I could always swap in. Might be an easier route to test.
  10. arg, just when I thought I was finally done digging through the hot wheels, they release some more Datsuns. I guess the hunt begins again. I just now finally found those missing Hot Wheels Boulevard cars at a local TJ Maxx, just didn't get the damn 510 wagon! :sneaky:
  11. Yeah, I tagged it and everything. It always ran alright but its more drivable than it has been a long time. I did run it low and I did check all the contacts and it looked alright, little rusty though. It did move freely. I'll see if I can do the vinegar thing.
  12. So, my 510 had sat for a while and I was having some issues with keeping it running, thought maybe there was crap in the tank, also wanted to check if any rust had built up in the tank (side note: it was my carbs untuned). So I removed the fuel tank sender unit to look around, put it back on in the correct direction. Filled it with some fuel and it read 3/4 of a tank. Drove it for a while and noticed it was still at 3/4 of a tank and finally it felt like it was running out of fuel, sputtering. I opened it up again, checked the position, checked if I had damaged anything and checked the cable. All looked fine. Put it back on filled it with about 5 gallons of fuel and now it reads 1/4 of a tank... I'm pretty sure it should read more than 1/4. I'm at a bit of a loss. It has been working fine for years with out issue. When the car is off it reads empty, when turned on it goes up to 1/4 of a tank and stops. I don't want to blindly replace parts, any ideas on what could be going on?
  13. I think its a rule this thread gets resurected every year. Thanks for the interest. I'll be responding to PMs.
  14. Yes, it was only available on the last year of the 510. I don't have rear defrost. It is pretty easy to just disconnect the battery if I know its going to sit for more than a day or two. If I ripped out some of the electronics I had installed it would likely get rid of the drain (stereo and alarm).
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