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My island '74 710


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WOOT! Drove about 2 hrs down island and drove my 710 home today! You know, I haven't owned a car in 30 years so this is a treat that I am going to savor slowly. Thought I would post a few pics of her as I collected it.


In five minutes I pulled the plugs and checked them, valve cover and checked that there was at least some lash, (didn't want to fry a valve on the drive home) Oil was see through clean, (so the second owner Grahem must have changed it when it came into his hands) tranny fluid bright see through red. I pronounced it "good to go for lift off" Brakes were mushy but E brake very good! About 15 miles toward home it starts running like shit on hills so pull over and disconnect the fuel filter and shake the gas out of it... ORANGE gas that is with lumps in it. Ran another 15 miles before I had to do again, but ran fine after. Eventually I had her to 60 MPH and even 75 on the level. One hill it easily did 85, thats MPH! This is a '74 so no metric Kms. Heater works, lights, signals even the DATSUN radio! WORKS! Okokok... pics:


The only damage is this crease (poorly fixed) in both doors.




As soon as I took this picture the fuel filter clogged and had to stop and clear it.




Cleared it twice but it ran good overall. Never have even seen or driven an L18 so a few firsts today. You guys have known all along what I've been missing! Oh yeah, ran out of gas 1Km from home, but it's just part of the adventure, right.





The second owner, Grahem is sending my a packet of info on the car when he locates it. It has the original bill of sale, tune ups,parts etc. The car was bought new in Victoria and stayed there until a few years ago... I'll wait and post more on this providence, later when I get it.

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Congratulations Mike, that looks AWESOME! I'll bet she was fun to drive home. I remember Alveen's 610 L20b automatic on our summer cruise, damn, he was hauling some serious ass along with us on the Canyon run. I'm thinking you want some stealth? Gotta find some 13"x5.5" Corvair steelies for her at least and run some decent rubber!

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Lol that oils the same as when i got it 2 or 3 years ago, its good to hear you made it home and that it was fairly trouble free.

As for engine /trans its an L-18 A87 with a 3 speed auto

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Very kool Mike. Overall a straight car & not detroyed. Is that a dealer plate frame i see on the F bumper ?


It sure is. Says Victoria at top and Mcallum at bottom with DATSUN on the left and VOLVO on the right. Hopefully the rear one is in the trunk. I haven't looked yet.


beautiful mike glad to see it went to a good home now some slot mags and a little lowering action and get rid of them ugly ass bumpers and your ready to rock


Ohhh those bumpers, (park benches) I know they are so.... North American.They have to go! I'm thinking a nice chrome one from something else. Yes after lifting my 620 16" I'd like to try lowering something.


hey the more i think about it i think you should lift it and get some 40's for it!


No. I promised myself that it's too beautiful for that. It needs to be driven.


Great find Mike and I am guessing that it is an automatic.




youv got 6 months till Canby! get crackin :fu:


It ran so well, except for the rusty gas and poor brakes, (surely I can fix that) I would drive it down as is. But I will try to get a bit more than that done.


yes! the islanders should set up a convoy! what do ya think mike? lou where are you? were settin up a convoy!


I'm in!


wait, your like a genious when it comes to these, and have like a zillion parts, and you havent owened a car in thislong???? is this a joke?


I think my first Datsun was a new '76 B-210. A year later I got a '68 dime for $50!. Had it a few years and settled on a '71 521. Drove it for about 8 years and 3 engines and a tranny swap. I remember seeing a late 70's 620 and fell in love with it. Then life happened for almost 10 years. I got my wish in '94, a '78 620 fell into my lap for $75 which I built up.


cool , whats in the 620 pu ?


'78 620 cab is all that's left of the original truck. '82 720 long bed frame with 'Yoda SAS with cross steering, '80 720 trans case, 4.11 rear end, F-150 rear springs all round, Z24 motor, '80 200sx 5spd, '81 200sx electric windows, GM remote control mirrors, Chrysler Daytona Turbo seats, 720 4X4 wire harness/dash/heater/console/steering column, D-21 power steering, 90 amp alt., Maxima gear reduction starter.


Congratulations Mike, that looks AWESOME! I'll bet she was fun to drive home. I remember Alveen's 610 L20b automatic on our summer cruise, damn, he was hauling some serious ass along with us on the Canyon run. I'm thinking you want some stealth? Gotta find some 13"x5.5" Corvair steelies for her at least and run some decent rubber!


Man I really wanted to fly!!!..... but the brakes were... ugh! So had to watch out below Nanaimo but it easily did '75 on the level and lots left. I used to paint trucks at GM when this car was made! Maybe I could do something with paint. Lower slightly, some rubber, stiffen. OH hell get rid of the bumpers first.

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the 710 looks to be a very nice score, front floor boards look rust free, interior loooks VERY nice, does the 710 still have the original spark plug wires, if so I'd say the 23,100 are original but wondering why it had to be repainted, no matter why it's still a nice score. :thumbup:

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I think it was 'bumped in the rear. The trunk was painted and clear-coated...wtf? It's all good though, she a survivor.


When I fired it up it had a bad miss and Grahem donated a replacement #1 wire as the one on it was taped up! (btw it never missed a beat on the trip home, just purred along) I checked the tires... not original. And as he pointed out age alone would be a reason for changing them. My dad's car that he gave me had the original '90 tires on it 18 years later (he did put brand new ones on it for me) the originals were only 1/4 worn down but cracked!!!!!! I have no illusions.. The speedo has likely 'gone around' once. Grahem is sending me all the paperwork that was sent to him by the original owners daughter so maybe there is a record of mileage. The story of how this packet of info came into his hands is a story in itself that lasted a year or more.


I like the idea that this envelope of info should be reunited with the car and kept together. All cars were once spotlessly new and bought by someone with a dream and like a family member, who if lucky, grew to ad old age with many untold adventures. I now own the 926th 710 made!

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thats going to be great to collect all the original packet of info, that surely will keep a lot of the guess work of it's true mileage, just wondering, what does the brake pad look like, I looked at the other pic's but can't see a good pic of it. and howz the drivers carpet look. sorry for the ?? but the 710 is in to good of condition to be over 100,000.

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The peddle? Looks good but you have to realize that may just have been carefully driven around town. A relatively unworn peddle could just be form lots of highway mileage with little brake use. I would say that if it was claimed to only have 32K and the peddle was worn down to the metal then I would call BS. The car was garaged I believe also.



I want to see pics of the 620!!!!


Seriously getting rusty. Needs a new cab.







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Hey mike i found the package with the paperwork from the previous owner, and its led me to believe he was the second owner,

as he recorded the milage when he got the car at 14355 miles plus 18892 miles so i m thinking the speedo was replaced at 18892

the records i have start at in 93. PM your address and i will send this info your way.

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Cool truck!, what did it take to get the 720 dash in a 620? Mine needs a dash pad, this may be my answer...


You can't really change one thing without everything else. Well I changed the entire wire harness and steering column over to 720. This allows me to use the steering column headlight on/off/dim/turn signal stalk and the wiper on/off/variable pulse delay wiper stalk on the right side. Good riddance to the crappy 620 ones. I changed the column because I swapped in a power steering box but did run the 620 column for a while with the 720 stuff on it so it can be done. I didn't keep the pathetic 620 heater and blower but instead swapped in the 720 unit. I never checked to see if the 620 could be kept and 'grafted' onto the 720 dash or not... maybe. The 720 dash has side defrost vents that blow on the side windows to defrost them, very nice! The 720 heater mounts roughly in the same location as the 620 but the massive blower assy is on the far right where the 620 glove box and wiper motor are. I opened a new air supply hole there and closed off the middle 620 hole and mounted the blower assy tight up under the passenger side dash after moving the wiper motor outside the cab under the cowl. To hide the bottom of the heater I installed a 720 4X4 consul with oil pressure and volts gauges. Because I had the 720 wiring already there everything plugged in and worked.



damn it i want a 4 x4 620 so bad!!


There were dealer 4X4 conversions made on 620s using Jeep Dana axles and trans cases.

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