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  1. Did anything ever come out of these replacement floor pan pieces?
  2. That's a good tip man! I've wanted a 165/65/13 for this rim on the Suzuki, that should work great! Thanks!
  3. Yah, the 13's are hard to find decent tires for these days. However, the Suzuki originally rolled on 145/80/12's so the 175/60/13;s are a HUGE upgrade for the Suzuki! Don't know where I'm going to find a replacement set of tires though, seems to be a non existent size these days!
  4. I have a set of these on my Suzuki with 175/60/13's. I like them! GLWTS!
  5. That blows Chris, can you post pictures of it so we can keep an eye out for it? Don't think it'll make it this far north, but, I'll keep an eye out up here!
  6. I think I paid $450 to get mine here to Canada, pretty expensive piece ...
  7. Wow, I thought it was just me, deleted the cache cleared the cookies etc ... Couldn't find the threads that I had subscribed too like the Ratsun Auction 2.0 .... Who won that one anyhow?
  8. I bet Lou, good stuff for the cause! Stupid work! Gets in the way of fun! Following the hockey draft on twitter right now too ...
  9. Donated Jeff! C'mon guys, you want Ratsun to stay around don't you ....
  10. Got mine from Rob today Jeff, look great! Thanks to you and Rob for doing this for us!
  11. That is AWESOME! So is Harry J going with you guys too?
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