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  1. polski ogorki

    Mike's KAZ23

  2. polski ogorki

    In which a 4x4 620 is built

    ya Win!!!! nice work sandy mush....if that is your real name? I'm not quite convinced?
  3. polski ogorki

    Mike's KAZ23

    Laughing gas?!?!?!!?!!!!!!
  4. polski ogorki

    Mike's KAZ23

    Sorry Mike, didn't meen to scare you lol.
  5. polski ogorki

    Mike's KAZ23

    been there, I asked for a quote to rebuild a 350 for my tahoe. I ended up just buying a long block from the chevy dealer. Anyone you ask around CR says there the place to go.
  6. polski ogorki

    Mike's KAZ23

    Hey Mike, is the shop called T E R?
  7. polski ogorki

    Mike's KAZ23

    Cool Mike. I had a u67 rebuilt buy a guy in Courtney. I heard he sold his shop though? When you say 30miles is that north island or south?
  8. Sorry to here Lou. I'm sending you two positive vibes via the universe (and Ratsun of course) Rich
  9. polski ogorki

    1978 620 King Cab 4X4

    That's awesome!
  10. polski ogorki

    today in history

    Ah I know who it was! Brian. He's from T.
  11. polski ogorki

    today in history

    No? Who was that? I don't know who just had knee surgery? Andy maybe?
  12. polski ogorki

    today in history

    Staying there thursday night and I'm not sure about friday? Are you in willow point? Black Creek? Storys beach?
  13. polski ogorki

    today in history

    I'm hoping to catch an early ferry like the 8:30 or the 10:40? Might be a bit early for a beer LOL
  14. polski ogorki

    today in history

    I will be headed to Campbell Creek on Thursday to do a bunch of running around. Then I will be at the Salmon point Resort camping with moms. What does your schedule look like? If not Thursday maybe we could hook up Friday? That would probably be better for me as I have a ton of shit to do Thursday. At the least I could drop off the race track?
  15. polski ogorki

    today in history

    Fuck! I just had that last days off in Woss at the lake. We camped for three days and I ruptured my ear drum jumping my bike into the lake! Good times! This next set of days off I have devoted to visiting my mom and getting the rest of my shit sorted and packing for the move. I would have time for a visit that's about it? Hey I remember? I have a afx race track with your name on it! If you want it? We will tear up the streets some day Lou! I will return!

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