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    1970 1000, 72 74 620's, 75 620 RV,77 620kc 4x4,3x 78 620 KC's,73/80 620 4x4, 82 310GX
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  1. Fair enough hopefully someone can make good use of those trucks, I would love to get my hands in a double cab 620 but given there rarity and expense I doubt it will ever happen
  2. has anyone googled michael lepker? some fucked up shit
  3. That old girl always did fire up well after sitting. When I first got it in Vic the original owners had passed away so I have no idea how long it sat, we used a come along to load it but I'm pretty sure it drove off the trailer with a fresh battery lol
  4. Grahem


    They seem to go thru head gaskets but other wise are good little engines. For the record it almost fits the valve covers have different predrilled holes so only on of the air cleaner bolts lines up and the coolant return spout is different which required an inline tee for the heater connection
  5. Grahem


    the clip that screwed me all installed, got it fired up tonight seems to run well just have to figure out how to time it and maybe adjust the valves.
  6. Grahem


    Ya everyone like pics lol. The engine is in and mostly hooked up but I broke one of the cv c clips so I won't be able to complete the swap until sunday
  7. Grahem


    old engine new engine going in
  8. Grahem


    the engine came from the white car i posted here http://community.ratsun.net/topic/71633-datsun-310/
  9. Grahem


    "new" engine half cleaned up
  10. Grahem


    I'm a bit smart phone retarded but when I have a spare moment I will use my computer to post a couple
  11. Grahem


    Just about it's bolted together hanging from my engine hoist, hopefully have it installed tonight
  12. Grahem


    Well it lasted 3 or 4 weeks before it shit the bed so I am now half way thru swapping the Japan built E-15 in place of the Mexican E-16. Only the block head and thermostat/distributor mont are the same everything else has been swapped onto the E-15 from the E-16. Hopefully it fires up and runs ok once it's reinstalled
  13. Grahem

    Datsun 310?

    Oh ok literally a technicality I still have my 82 310 2 door sport coupe (black one posted above) but it's in rough shape only reason it's still around is that it was my first car.
  14. Grahem

    Datsun 310?

    Which one is technically a 3 door?
  15. Grahem

    Datsun 310?

    did it look like these? If so I hope your on the mainland i dont know how many are left on the island
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