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  1. The intake looks like it's been opened up to 46mm, to match the Z/4 bolt isolators, definitely not 38s
  2. Looks like early 240Z carbs, 220 or K14 manifold with Z air horns.....just like mine.
  3. Where is the spring broken????? On the end???? Pull the trunnion off and have a better look.......bend a 90+ degree on the end of the spring and hook it back up. who cares if there is a little more tension. Or......as a temp fix just get a long spring and hook it up to the trunnion and or, (closer to the throttle body the better) until you can find the correct one.
  4. My guess it broke and or came off that lower brass peg....................pictured here.
  5. Did you check the spring behind the throttle trunnion.........?........
  6. Sealik

    Hey from Canada!

    Latitude 51.64061, Longitude -120.02769 +- 7.5 kms .lol Merlin as well.
  7. Ha ha....i did exactly the same thing installing my old Z motor into one of my trucks a couple weeks back......no cat litter though, dumped some planer shavings into the tire 'FTW'
  8. Sealik

    New to the forum

    Sure they do.....I've uploaded and posted many videos.
  9. Looks like a pre '84........pretty sure all single cab 84+ US/Canada models had cab vents like this.....
  10. That's "nomal" height and 35s won't clear. Wouldn't look as 'high ' if you slapped some fender flares on it..... .....and the cab vents .
  11. Well....they don't ship to Canada either. There are other sellers.......found this in about 2 min. http://www.ebay.ca/itm/Weber-32-36-DGV-Manual-Choke-conversion-kit-fits-Datsun-510-610-620-Pickup-/271280922121?hash=item3f299a5e09&vxp=mtr#shpCntId
  12. http://www.graytechsoftware.com/garage/cogcalc.asp Nissan Pt # #T Color Ratio Gears 32703-78100 16T (yellow) 3.364 37/11 32703-78101 17T (black) 3.545 39/11 32703-78102 18T (blue) 3.700 37/10 32703-78103 19T (white) 3.900 39/10 32703-78104 20T (red) 4.111 37/9 32703-86401 21T (purple) 4.375 35/8 32703-86402 22T (orange) 4.625 37/8 32703-86403 23T (green) 4.875 39/8 32707-7800 16-19t Sleeve Assy 3270766300 20-23t Sleeve Assy
  13. ?????....Depends on the 4 cylinder. Those look like the early 240Z 46mm roundtops. The K14 or 220 intake will have to be opened up to 46mm.....and you'll have to profile a set of needles to get your A/F ratio numbers in 'order'.
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