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Are you older than your Datsun?

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Or is your Datsun older than you?


I know there are a few of us that are eligible to get the "senior" cup of coffee at McDonald's. By the same token, some of the Ratsun group still fondly remember their last Happy Meal. So, tell us, how much older, or younger, are you than your Datsun? You guys warehousing Datsuns, pick your oldest one. Birthdates are not necessary, but math is math.


Since this is supposed to be taken lightly, I will go first. My 67 520 is 18 years younger than I am. And probably in better shape.

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My oldest Datto is a 59, the last time it was tabbed was 79 and that was before I was born... haha The newest rig I own is my 78 620 still older haha..... I don't feel that young though...

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let's see...I was 17 when the first 747 plane rolled out and played in the band for the roll out party. Now you can figure out my age. I am 13 years older than my oldest Datsun, which is quite old too...dont' feel this age either.

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I was 21 when I bought my truck in 1973.


My parents bought new cars every couple years from a guy named Dick Dragonetti in San Francisco. He opened a Datsun dealership and my dad got a '67 powder blue 1300 pickup. That is the vehicle that I learned to drive in and got in all kinds of trouble in, in highschool. In '70, my mom traded her '67 Mustang for a 510 that had been Dick Dragonetti's personal car. It had every option that there was. It was a yellow four door, but had black racing graphics on the hood and black pinstripes. It had some trick wheels/tires, fog lamps mounted on these wrap around chrome bumpers that look cheesy now but were hip rally style back then. It had an upgraded interior with a console and dual cigarette lighters! Wish I still had the Mustang or the 510 now. Oh well.


Because may parents had a long association with Dick, I was able to buy a tan '71 1600 pick-up. When I got drafted into the Army, I gave it to my brother who drove it until about five years ago when he gave it to his roomate that had fallen on hard times. The roomate was having so many problems that he drove out into the desert in Nevada and shot himself in the truck. We never could get the truck back even thought we tried.



My first duty station in the Army in Norfolk, Va. When I first saw the Bullitside 620s I wanted one so bad. My dad worked out a deal where I plunked down the thousand bucks I had saved and he co signed for a thousand dollar loan. We bought the truck through Dragonetti Datsun but I got to pick it up in the East. I think it listed for $1,889 and I thought that it would take me the rest of my life to pay off the loan. It was a lot of money back then.


In January of '73 I got a call to go over to Hampton Virginia and take delivery of the truck. I went to the dock where they were off loading a huge transport ship that looked like it had acres of new truck on the deck. I was escorted to the bridge of the ship and brought my paperwork to the captain. He pointed out to the hundreds of little trucks being lifted off the ship like matchbox toys and ask what color I wanted. I pointed to a row of blue ones and said I like the blue ones. He got on the intercom and directed to crane operator to drop it on the dock and not onto the railcars. He went over to a big wooden box with row of hooks with key hanging on them, handed me keys, pointed to a log book and said sign here.


A couple of dock workers stripped off a layer of some kind of silicone gel that protected the vehicles from salt air I guess and told me to get gas. I followed my buddy that drove me over there back to the barracks. It had started to rain and then snow. In a few minutes everything was covered in snow, right down to the sand on the beach. It was the begining of a freak snow storm, the worst in 36 years that eventually shut the city down for four days. Here I am driving my brand new truck across this elevated causeway/bridge kinda thing, and I can't see the lines because it's snowing so hard. At twenty miles an hour I'm sliding all over the place. :eek:

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Guest 510kamikazifreak
As it is with my truck so it is with myself...


"It's not the years, honey, it's the mileage." - Indiana Jones to Marion Ravenswood in Raiders of The Lost Ark



Mike its also in the way its been driven to eh,:D

Now wonder how old I am Ive been drove hard a few times:p:p

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