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  1. vindats1

    Anyone want to buy new 320 vent window rubbers?

    I am also interested in a few sets. Very essential thing to have during restoration...and we all hate that darn window noise.
  2. vindats1

    Another One! RIP Vic Edelbrock

    My daughter has a framed poster ( that I have now) with each one of the family's race cars and each of of their personal notes to my daughter. My daugher was a patient at Children's Hospital many times and the NW Historics was to raise money for the hospital. My daughter still loves classic cars to this day!
  3. vindats1

    Another One! RIP Vic Edelbrock

    Oh sad, I got to know him and his family by being one of the folks who set up the NW Historics. He was always ready with a kind word.
  4. I finally found a house not far from downtown Puyallup, just off River Rd, going towards Tacoma. A bit of a fixer inside but super nice neighborhood and it has a 3 CAR GARAGE! Got to have our priorities! Lots of issues trying to get this darn place to close and now possibly issues with the sellers maybe NOTmoving their stuff out which includes a dead truck inside a garage, boat & trailer and other junk. I sure don't want to deal with vehicles with no titles. Sellers had moved out but just MOVED BACK IN, which has me worried. So possibly this place could close between the 16th to the 20th of this month. I am currently just off Green Valley Road near Flaming Geyser state park. I cannot move into the new house at closing as I am hiring a contractor/painter to do some clean up and painting and possibly get some carpets replaced. My landlord decided to put this place up for sale at a ridiculous price for a home with many serious problems so I have to be out of here by the end of this month too. I may be looking for some help as soon as this home closes. I have most everything packed up (still working on the parts and garage stuff) and there are no more large car parts, (except a few bumpers and one nice dash) just all small parts in boxes. I have sold most of my outside things too. Trying to simplify. My health is better but this rare auto immune illness will never go away and I just had another CHEMO treatment a few days ago. I still have lots of fatigue, pain and other issues but want to keep doing the things I love to do and hanging out with friends and family. I would so appreciate any moving help at all as soon as the house closes! It is not a very long drive but must NOT been done during afternoon rush hour traffic...found out that is just a mess on any road going that way at that time of day. We will be moving as much stuff as possible into the large garage and storage shed in the backyard. Cannot put anything in the actual house so the contractors can get their work done asap. I cannot be exposed to fumes, dust or paint or I could get very ill again. If anyone has even a few hours to spare to help out, please let me know. I still could use help packing small car parts boxes into bigger crates and boxes. It is painful for me to lift much. Please email me at: vindats@yahoo.com or contact me on here. Landline: 360 469 4187, thanks Datsun buddies, Tana
  5. vindats1

    datsun 521 king pins

    A fellow was asking me if his (new to him) 320 truck has king pins and if they are interchangeable with the 520/521 models? I don't think they are or not sure if the 320 even has king pins? Anyone know? thanks.
  6. hi folks, thanks for all of the concern. I am staying inside as much as possible and have to wear a good face mask when I go outside to feed the animals and my poultry. thank goodness my pets and my car parts are ok! I am packing up to get out of here as soon as I can find a house that I can buy in my price range that is not in a neighborhood as bad as this one now is. I have three dogs, one who is large and very protective and seems to have great hearing so I know they keep me safe. I cannot handle a shot gun due to my issues with my hands now. So if anyone has an hour to come over and help transplant my small garden plants into pots or help pack car parts, etc. into boxes, I would appreciate the help. My land line, no texts on this phone: 360 469 4187. My email: vindats@yahoo.com I will leave all the mess about the burnt up house to the relatives who now get to deal with the mess. Hate to be them. Thanks for being patient about parts orders and I will try to get back to those today. Lots to do: real estate class I am required to take, loads to goodwill, lots of sorting/selling/giving away/packing! And my fatigue from my illness does not allow me to just stay busy all day. Thanks Tana
  7. hi folks, so if I don't get back to you immediately it is because I am busy trying to help rehome the animals that belonged to the drug addict. Police hinted that it was a meth cooking accident. I saw a huge fireball shoot out the back of the house and blow out all of the windows and then when I was rushing around to get my dogs and me out to my car another huge fireball blew out the front and blew out all of the windows. Now I have issues with my lungs due to the smoke I inhaled, so on my way to an urgent care office to get treatment. Plus so many people have been coming over and trying to talk to me, that I am just getting worn out. I really do not care that the druggies burnt down their house. Police said to watch out for the druggies coming back and looters and I don't care either if that place gets looted. Busy enough trying to care for the poor animals that were left behind and animal control will not do anything...usual for them. Talk to you all soon. Tana
  8. hi folks, this old guy is not mechanical at all, so he won't be able to figure these possible solutions out.
  9. hi folks, many years ago I drove to Wallingford, just north of downtown Seattle and repaired (by myself) this older guy's split fuel filler hose on his Datsun, either a 710 or 810 wagon. He was the nicest guy, retired, not much money at all however. Now he says his heater is not working and the mechanic wants loads of money to fix it, not actually knowing the situation. Possibly stuck valve? Or heater core needs taken out and rebuilt? He can pay a bit but not alot. I can give his name and number if anyone might be willing to put on Datsun angel wings and go and give him a call and a visit. His mechanic told him to give up the Datsun but he "really loves" his Datsun wagon and I would hope he could keep it at least a few more years to bring him some happiness. Please write me at: vindats@yahoo.com if you might be able to help him out. I would, but my health as most of you have heard is not so good these days. I still love to play with car parts and sell some parts and take care of my pets, but can't do what I used to be able to do. Feel free to send me an email and just say hello too! Thanks, Tana Bryan home phone: 360 469 4187, living south of Auburn, Wa.
  10. vindats1

    Rock Auto Discount Codes go here

    thanks, that will help with the cutting the costs down
  11. vindats1

    My latest engine swap

    Yep, Datsun company did not want to make it easy for us.
  12. vindats1

    521 heater hose ?

    no hoses showing up at most sites, have not seen any listed yet at a Nissan site
  13. vindats1

    67 411 restoration

    Contact me please....I have some parts left for your car. email: vindats@yahoo.com I have been selling early Datsun parts for over 30 years. Tana
  14. vindats1

    My latest engine swap

    I think the E 1 motor mounts are different than the R 16 motors mounts for the 411's.
  15. vindats1

    At a loss for 411 brakes

    hi, this is Tana and I do still have some 411 brake parts, best to email me: vindats@yahoo.com Hope we can all help this fellow and get that car going for him.

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