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  1. spiffinspudater

    2nd annual SWDP BBQ get together - Aug 16

    I just got home from the BBQ and it was AWESOME! Thanks again for having me. I will be there next year if I am still in the area!
  2. spiffinspudater

    2nd annual SWDP BBQ get together - Aug 16

    Yeah, its me. I will be there and may try to hit up the ludikrs thing too (No truck this time either). See you fellers in a few days!
  3. spiffinspudater

    620 king cab window gaskets

    I dont know if I posted here yet either but I want at least one set. :D
  4. spiffinspudater

    Japan reppin ratty look

    Is it strange that that truck kinda makes me want to back my truck into a tree and take a baseball bat to it? I think it is beautiful!
  5. spiffinspudater

    Fisch poses for Spock- for real!

    Oh oh oh! I decided I would wanna dress up like a tourist and my quote thing would be "I always feel like I am a tourist lost in my own little world". ... is that weird?
  6. spiffinspudater

    Fisch poses for Spock- for real!

    I must say that that is totally AWESOME! I was a little concerned when I saw the picture without reading the article... then I followed on and after taking a look at what it was about and reading your quote thing I must say that is F'N AWESOME! Very cool man! "The identity Project. We gathered 100 subjects from all walks of life: artists, clergy, politicians, business owners, and asked them the question, Who do you think you are?" I don't know my answer, but who do you guys think you are? PS. Still think I coulda' done without seeing Fisch in his undies. It wouldn't be as weird if I didn't know him some how.
  7. spiffinspudater


    Ok, well I was out looking at a house and was cruising the neighborhood and saw this... Yeah, I decided I like that neighborhood. There is a standard cab I see at the local highschool all the time. SWEET FREAKING RIDES! (Taken on my buddies phone)
  8. spiffinspudater

    mklotz70 project MEND

    Just started poking around the site again after checking on my truck in storage. Mike, you made me log in just so I could give you props on your amazing work! That truck is looking fantastic! ==Javin
  9. spiffinspudater

    Jccs 2008!

    Wohoo! I just got back from JCCS. I decided to surprise everyone and show up. I am back on the forum after my hiatus. I dont have any pics to share but I do have a renewed vigor for my truck... Lets see if I can get SOMETHING done to it. JCCS was AWESOME. I was surprised at the turnout. I was kinda dissapointed that there were no king cab 620s but it was amazing... you all need to make it out next year!
  10. spiffinspudater


    Are the propane slower than regular gas?
  11. spiffinspudater

    Cool newscast on first car.

    My first car was a 1978 Datsun 620 Kingcab... And I still have it:)
  12. spiffinspudater

    Ratsun stickers

    He is able to make them bigger and cheaper than mine. Well done!
  13. spiffinspudater

    is it too soon to talk Canby 2008?

    Just realized that that is the weekend of fathers day, is it not? I will be flying up there (~$300 from a CLOSE reginional airport) and that is cheaper than driving... So I may have to do the whole rental car thing but I think I can get a good deal on that as well.
  14. spiffinspudater

    is it too soon to talk Canby 2008?

    Job permitting, I will be there! I talked to my mom who is going to be up in OR at the time so I will get to see her, family, and Datsun family! Did I read the 14-15th of june right?
  15. spiffinspudater

    Ratsun stickers

    Sorry, I will take inventory of all the stickers I have. I think I still have a few although 5 of what I have left are already claimed. I will update you guys later (I have to find them)

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