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  1. Woot, if I win, I'll need to find a 521
  2. I did it both ways, exactly as the diagram, then I rewired it like mine (I have an extra relay n the trunk an my fuel pump runs off straight battery) still buzzed. No matter though, badime rewired it according to the diagram and got it going.
  3. My maf came loose once and it went into limp mode. Have you tried another maf?
  4. grounds or wires? I used a relay harness for each of the connections
  5. I'm leanin toward bad connection then. I took the relay wiring, with the ecu and hooked it up to the battery and it clicked normally.
  6. Okay, so I wired up relays using this. But as soon as it gets 12v the relay that comes off of the grey connector just buzzes. Anyone know what might be the problem?
  7. I tossed it in the spare parts pile. It never really had an effect on things.
  8. what wheel size do you guys prefer?
  9. Chepe, one's a stock 1600 roadster, the other has a ka sitting in it. the KA is about 70 percent. what's your new number?
  10. summer's pretty much over, but I want to get this car running before I move. it's in storage at the moment. PM me?
  11. are those allison electronic ignitions worth anything? I have a brand new in box one.
  12. nice. good to know. so the switch layout is all the same? I'm probably going to install one for a friend whose car was missing the key/switch.
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