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I am new to Ratsun.Net and after 32 years of being without a Datsun 510 (sold my last one back in 1985) I  have one sitting in my barn ready to restore.  Unfortunately what I have is 4 door ( my last three 510's were all two door models), but I am not complaining at this point.  Back in the day if you needed a part you just went down to the local junk yard and pulled what you needed from a large selection of donor cars.  Boy, things have changed.  I am old enough to remember when the 510 was new in the US and for sale on the Datsun showroom floor.  I always loved the look of the 510 and knew my first car was going to be a 510.


I am going to need and engine (want a re-buildable L20B) and a bunch more stuff as time and money permit.


If you are in the Portland Oregon area, please reach out to me and introduce yourself.  I am sure I will be reaching out to other local dimers in the local area shortly trying to find parts. 



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4 doors are better looking anyways.

I agree with Hainz. I'm very much from the same eara and my first car was a 510, owned many, was without for 31 years, and now have one in my garage in the Bay Aria. Welcome to the nut farm.









Welcome to Ratsun, new guy!

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welcome to ratsun 

you are in a great area for parts and support 

and one of the best datsun shows on the west coast 

right down the road in Canby oregon in june 

kids are great for help with computer stuff photobucket is pretty easy to use for photos 

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Funny you mention Canby. I live 6 miles from where the Canby event is held. I hope to have my dime back on the road in about a year. Will be at Canby this year trying to find parts and make friends to meet the one year goal. Hope to see you all there.


Even if you don't have it on the road, still show up! It's a good time.

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