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  1. Man that sucks. Not beating a dead bush here. You would be liable for the accident if the police arrived. If you stopped at the line and then entered the intersection, got hit, then it would be the 4 Runner's fault. Absolutely hate when intersections get overgrown or have fences in the way. Good thing is, you have a steel bumper and not plastic. Those front ends disintegrate when touched by anything other than a wash cloth. Hope the car turns out to be ok.
  2. Man, I jumped into this late. There is a lot of stuff going on in America. Doesn't matter what side of the fence you're on. What matters is that people just live their fricken lives to their full potential. Help one another and do something you can be proud of. Build a Datsun and drive the damn thing! If you want to talk about something, get the facts right. I wish people would stop throwing the propaganda ideas around. A lot of people want to state their opinion, but not listen to the other side. It's reasonable man theory that folks should consider, but people don't like to be wrong and that's why they yell, fight and do what's happening. There is much more equality in this country now then there ever has been. As far as the flags, monuments and names in history go.....It is our nations history and it means something. Heck, all the bridges, great dams and buildings (Regardless of the name attached to it) means something to somebody because they or their relatives built it. Are we just going to control, alt, delete every generation because they don't like what the previous gen did? This is not a video game, it is our history and our heritage. This is part of why people flock to America! Everybody has an opinion, I get it. Be constructive, work for it and do something real with it! Just my two cents. I love this commercial because it brings back great memories and goes back to the roots of goodness!
  3. Man, I miss that place. So awesome with all the trails through Mt. Tam and the lakes. Gotta get back down for a visit!
  4. With you there. It’s not like we’re all a bunch of naked acid loving dope smoking crazy freaks on mushrooms running naked by the river. Let people choose what they want to do! And if they want to get together and talk cars, we’ll.....let it be!
  5. Open, Open, Open...…….I need to sell a 521, but really want to go, cause last year was awesome!!! Nice to meet all the peeps out there.
  6. Man....That's a double negative! Bam. Just kidding, but too funny to pass up.
  7. Tried to PM'd ya, no go. It is the one with the bald ferret on the side. that was put on there to look weathered and can be removed very easily. I will probably pull it off before bringing her down to Powerland (If it is still a go).
  8. Sweet looking goon there. Is that Alpine lake? If so, I remember racing through those roads back in the day!!
  9. I have it up on the classified section and you can also see my build in my signature link. Although, some of the pics are misplaced due to f#$kitbucket.
  10. Anyone need a blue 521? I could bring her down for a sale if there is interest?!! Then I can say, I brought a Datsun, ha ha!!!!
  11. You can't fix it, but you can incarcerate it!!
  12. Man, that baby makes me jelly every time I look. Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo, nice!!
  13. Undo the metal clip that holds the brake line nuts assembly to the tab. The whole line should move just enough to the side for you to remove it.
  14. Like the T3 stuff. Gabriel always treats you right (Which is hard to find in business' these days). Quality parts. Troy is expensive, ground control has not been good from people I talked to and I don't know the other company. insert 2 pennies here!
  15. 4perrev

    510 Centre Console

    Nice, but a little pricey for what it is?
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