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  1. Nice shots. I remember 85....well..sort of!!
  2. Start a channel...we'll all add to it...and you'll be rich from the ads!!!
  3. Dude....Always the bling, damn!! That poolhall....I mean room.....no...sorry, garage is awesome!! I definitely need an old gas pump. Unfortunately, I'm always spending my money on parts or other Datsun's!! One day...….It will be mine, one day!!!!
  4. 85-86 Maxima rear brakes with 200 sx rotors are good for the rear, but you will need caliper brackets. 280 zx with T3 coilovers/camber plates for the front, sweet. Full T3 coilover replacements for the rear, another good idea...…...just my $0.02 here.
  5. There's a good write up on the realm: https://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=26740
  6. 4perrev

    70 Datsun 521 newbie

    Very nice truck you got there. Good work and I like the wheels! Welcome to the house!!!
  7. Very cool. Maybe one day, but I do have so many things to try and do. So little time...........
  8. Thanks for the ideas fellas. I do like BMW seats. I’ll let you know where I end up down the road with lots o pics!
  9. Gates of hell. Crazy place been on fire for 46 years! Article below. https://www.inverse.com/article/37799-gates-of-hell-darvas-gas-crater Nice Lada. Found one in my travels awhile back:
  10. Beautiful car and very nice job with the completion of the build. Very awesome documentation while putting him together. Kudos!!
  11. They look nice, but are, yes, uncomfortable as heck. Going to look at as many wagon pics as possible to see where I may go with her. My wife will have a big influence in the seats as she will have to ride with them also. I'm about 140lbs behind ya, so padding for me is not too bad an issue!
  12. It's like searching for Batman. Those carbs are awesome!!
  13. Awwww that's just a flesh wound. Blast em and see how far the rabbit hole goes. Nice start though and welcome to the house!!
  14. Nice looking car and great work...Keep her going. About the yellow paint, atleast it was easy to get off. A little cannonball run throwback in the opening scene with the Lambo!!
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