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  1. Oh yeah, worked perfectly with no issues. Like butter!!
  2. Finally got the little Goon down on all her own paws today. Well, just for a minute as I had to rearrange the shop: Steering is all done now with new ball joints everywhere: Also finally received the brake line swedge thing a ma boo. Certainly makes for an easy creation and install of the stainless brake lines: Just did the clutch master down to the slave. That's in the mail: She's coming along and will be finishing the engine next. Gotta do some work on the head. Secret squirrel....Not really!!
  3. Straight time capsule, wow. The car is beautiful and you have done it justice my friend!! Great find.
  4. Option 1) Cut from old parts truck, form, weld and paint. Option 2) Cut from new metal, form, weld and paint. Either way, have fun with it!!
  5. Tucker. you can replace a head gasket without removing the engine, but sometimes getting the exhaust and intake bolts out are a pain in the a$$. Might be worth pulling the entire engine out and doing a complete rebuild. That way you will know it's all good to start with. There is a picture how to on the main page that will show you how to do pictures. don't use PHOTBUCKET as they suck and it will make you pay. Wayno is the diesel guy from what I understand? Welcome to the house!!
  6. I knew it!! Just kidding...You still have the foldable rear window? Pretty cool stuff.
  7. I went with American Collector's Car Insurance for the M3 and the Merc 2.3 16. They were awesome and not too bad on price for the year. I think they are all the same and as long as they're insured, it's all good!
  8. Nice. The BMW Getrag out of the E46 (2001-2006) are very good xmissions, and not too bad in price, if you wanted to go that way. Just FYI. Sweet work you're doing there!!
  9. Are you doing the Honda with the BMW transmission? Saw that online and it was a nice setup!
  10. Dat will happen! Pun definitely intended!!
  11. Ahhhhh, I remember the old rear end pull out day. Those rear axle nitz were a b!tch to get out, but worth it. Still looks sweet....nice work!!
  12. Parts store?? Be careful, you may end up with tooooooooooo much stuff!! Sounds like a great plan for the truck, good luck with her and welcome to the house!!
  13. Sweet, cheese grater removal complete!! Looks bada$$.
  14. Had to pull the old L-16 out of a junk 4 door for the rods. Decided, the tractor was easier than pulling out the cherry picker: So, here is the L-18 standard rod and piston (Left) along side the .20 over bored L-18 piston on an L-16 rod: Pretty damn close. I measured them and I think it was within .10-.25 of an inch. Either way, when loaded into the block, it still has a touch below the deck height and I shall make up for that with a closed chambered head!! Here's those little beauties in their sleeping bags: Had to gap the rings, but not too much. Very minor amount and didn't break any of them!! Test fit the L-18 standard head gasket and she fits perfectly up to the edges without any overhang on the fire ring. She's coming along swimmingly and will have to complete the head or steering linkage next weekend!!
  15. Got some serious work done today. Made the two side plates for the steering support. Started thick and new bolts to boot: Here it is in place: After that, got to installing the new camber plates: Then I hung the strut with T3 coilers on her: Here's the front fully complete, minus the steering linkage cause I'm changing out all the ball joint: After hanging all that, I disasembled the front hubs, cleaned the crap out of them from all the old grease. Packed em all up right and mounted! Steering and brakes are next!!
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