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  1. You can Stripe any wire you want to any color. Buy the base colored wire, make a jig out of wood. Drill a hole so the wire will feed through. Drill a hole on the top or side large enough for a sharpie marker. Insert desired marked color and you can stripe anything you want, for as long as you want. Other than the cost of wire, the sharpie pack is cheap and you can reuse for any color combination you need!
  2. Nice Goon and great job with the transition. Keep up the good work!
  3. Got a trailer and a truck......Just saying. I got friends in Marin.
  4. Nice job! Looks really good and the color is awesome.
  5. Ok, now that the Mazda is done.....Time for the Goons turn. Doesn't look too bad. Needs the usual cleaning and polish treatment. Only time will tell if there is anything under the coating. Nice custom driveshaft with the sticker still attached! Complete with bumpstops! Plan is to take the engine and trans out first. Will go through all of it and make it fresh. The wiring harness has been gone through by someone else and will take some good work to put it back to normal. There are wires everywhere. Let's start the redo.....cue that's 70's music for motivation!!
  6. He bought it at the car show in Seattle or Renton sometime back. These guys have decks...although, not sure which ones. http://www.s2carbonworks.com/jdmegoskdeev.html https://carfanatixshop.com/products/jdm-legends-skateboard-wallart https://iloveracing.com/ Other than that, not sure where else, sorry.
  7. My son bought this board for me awhile back and forgot to post it. Inspiration to build for sure!!
  8. Yeah, there is so much editing going on there. Too much for me to do, but does turn out great!
  9. Well then, they should have painted it by now...eh?
  10. Because people that sell on Craigslist are just trying to sell their stuff without others showing up to their houses trying to steal it. There are a lot of scammers out there too, so you really don't know who you're dealing with.
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