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  1. Happy T-day to you all......May all your turkeys burn rubber!!
  2. Yep, same thing here: It was ugly, but now she's fixed. I didn't post a ground down picture though. Good work!
  3. Well, with blue went my new clutch master, so another order to place. About to bend all the new brake lines and complete the calipers as they are ugly. Little blast and paint to bring em back to new again. will pack them with new pads and she will get new 280ZX rotors to boot! If I only had no job.....I would be much further with this girl!
  4. Well, heavy heart, but I sold old blue this past weekend. She went to a good home back in California. She was fun and I learned a lot. Farewell little blue!!
  5. It’s all good. Not saying anything bad. Sometimes cameras take pics backwards
  6. Looks awesome...may have to hit you up for some, if you're printing more. just me or is the writing backwards?
  7. 4perrev

    rear main seal

    You can always use the old seal over the new one to press it in without beating up the good one. This is of course, the old one came out decent. Fat sockets do work best.
  8. 4perrev

    GOONS check in

    Gotta get into my head and get the girl running!
  9. 4perrev

    GOONS check in

    That's what they call blow by!! Ouch...at least it's not the seat or aluminum in the head.
  10. Never know where you might need those big brakes when going to soccer practice! Those are sweet.
  11. Oh yeah, worked perfectly with no issues. Like butter!!
  12. Finally got the little Goon down on all her own paws today. Well, just for a minute as I had to rearrange the shop: Steering is all done now with new ball joints everywhere: Also finally received the brake line swedge thing a ma boo. Certainly makes for an easy creation and install of the stainless brake lines: Just did the clutch master down to the slave. That's in the mail: She's coming along and will be finishing the engine next. Gotta do some work on the head. Secret squirrel....Not really!!
  13. Straight time capsule, wow. The car is beautiful and you have done it justice my friend!! Great find.
  14. Option 1) Cut from old parts truck, form, weld and paint. Option 2) Cut from new metal, form, weld and paint. Either way, have fun with it!!
  15. Tucker. you can replace a head gasket without removing the engine, but sometimes getting the exhaust and intake bolts out are a pain in the a$$. Might be worth pulling the entire engine out and doing a complete rebuild. That way you will know it's all good to start with. There is a picture how to on the main page that will show you how to do pictures. don't use PHOTBUCKET as they suck and it will make you pay. Wayno is the diesel guy from what I understand? Welcome to the house!!
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