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  1. 4perrev

    Brake booster adapters

    I made my own with a 620 booster and 3 inch exhaust pipe. You can see it on my 521 Resto posts (if you like). Works like a champ with the disk conversion!!
  2. 4perrev

    The Dime Finally Realized

    Wow....It's been a very long time since I came up here. I have finally moved and found the new job. The shop is beginning to come together now and the Dime is up on the rotisserie awaiting some love. I shall begin again soon. Hope you guys have all been well and had a great Christmas. Best wishes for the New Year!!
  3. 4perrev

    Doty (Deal of the year)

    Little late, but I used a baby bottle for an overflow on a motard bike. Probably wouldn't hold up in a car, but I bet a Nalgene bottle would?
  4. 4perrev

    Project 5Teeezy.........A Pharaoh's 510.....

    With ya guys on the time issue. I need to get back into my project after I put my house together. Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  5. 4perrev

    Mr Big Tanker's watermelon wagon.

    Tanker...you never cease to amaze. Every time I come back to the post......................................Bada$$ goodness appears! Nice work and beautiful to boot!!
  6. 4perrev


    Damn Carter! That was some fine work there. Good on ya for keeping all those parts in circulation. True devotion and something you won't find in the Honda world! Not offense to anyone who owns one. Nice thread and great job. My hats off to you!
  7. 4perrev

    The Dime Finally Realized

    Sorry I've been away friends...Had to move houses and find a new job. Life shift to responsibilities. Will get more stuff going on the Dime here soon enough. Good thing is, I finally have a shop in which to build without constraints. More coming.
  8. 4perrev

    The Dime Finally Realized

    F*&king Photobucket is a pain in the a$$ and I f^%king hate them. Can't pull my sh!t out because they suck also. What a joke it is!!!
  9. 4perrev

    The Dime Finally Realized

    So....after years of using the f*&king photobucket site, they've decided to charge us to post pictures to forums. Every single picture on this build thread is conveniently hidden unless I give them $40. a month? They can go F**&^%%%%^&**(()))__ themselves. So all, I can try and find another place to host, but uploading all those oics again will be painful!! What to do now??!!!
  10. 4perrev

    Kiwi Melon......................

    Alpine Lake.....Haven't been there in decades! Nice road out there. Left a few street bike tire marks round there...back in the day!!
  11. 4perrev


    Ouch! Glad to see your ok and you should be able to fix her up with no problem.
  12. 4perrev

    Doty (Deal of the year)

    Way better! My vote is to bring back the coolant overflow bottle again :thumbup:.
  13. 4perrev

    Project 5Teeezy.........A Pharaoh's 510.....

    Sweet! Let me know how it goes. I'm going to get to that point one day. Looks fun though.
  14. 4perrev


    Wait.....Engine shinny......Brake master shinny......Where's the rest of the shine?? Looks sweet though. Glad to see you're back on the road again!!
  15. 4perrev

    Doty (Deal of the year)

    Coilovers. Sorry, Apple changed my words.

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