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  1. Yep, clean it up, cut and weld new metal. Lather with copious amounts of rust converter, prime and paint it with the same patina looking color. You'll be right as rain!
  2. Awesome, thank you for the review. Quiet? Nah, that's part of the beauty, right!
  3. Man, she is coming along beautifully! Nice work on the paint for sure. Have you used the Kilmate before? Wondering how well it works?
  4. True. Don't get me wrong, everybody has their own decision to make....as of now. My fear is when they make this whole thing mando. That's when I will have an issue. I received a flu shot (mando for my job at the time) which always made me sick for two weeks and would then get sick again about three months later. I left that job and have not received a flu shot since. guess what, haven't been sick for six years now. Not even a twitch of anything. I eat dirt and lick door knobs as often as possible. I'm with George Carlin; take all that stuff in, every change you get. This makes your immune system work and not sit on their a$$es. Once they attack the preparators, they deposit them straight in my colon and out to sea! Has worded so far. Obviously, just 2 cents here.
  5. Yet another person dies from the vaccine, only know bout it due to him being a public figure. How many others are counted but not publicized? Tragic. Should never be forced on anybody as an adult, because we are still free, right? Maybe not. From Covid-101.org - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires vaccination providers to report any death after COVID-19 vaccination to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). When these reports are received, doctors from CDC and the FDA review death certificates, autopsies, and medical records to understand what happened with each person. Between December 2020 and April 5th, 2021, VAERS received 2,794 reports of death (0.00167%) among people who got a vaccine. After careful review, doctors have decided that there is no evidence at all that these vaccines contributed to the patient deaths. Nonetheless, the CDC and FDA will continue to investigate every single report of death (and other adverse events) reported to VAERS. Last update: April 8, 2021, 8:22 pm These are the same guys who, again, can't tell us where our tax dollars go? The graph below is interesting as well. It won't fit on here, but take a look at it cause it's interesting. From: https://www.kff.org/coronavirus-covid-19/dashboard/kff-covid-19-vaccine-monitor-dashboard/
  6. One could always buy a retired ferry or small cargo ship and live out in international waters. This way you'd be free and could wrench on Datsuns all day. Grinding noise would never be an issue because the sea life wouldn't be Karen' it up. Pull into port for supplies every now and then. Living large as an old Sailor!! Rum, wrenches and sea hags!
  7. It's all Hoo-Doo-Vodoo, which rolls into dollars and cents. We can't even get a good or correct answer on where our tax dollars go. This is not going to be anymore accurate. Had a friend tell me that there family member was in the hospital for a type of cancer. Just happened that they tested positive for the 19, but not sick from it. The member passed during, cancer treatments, and they still checked, the 19 as a death. Hmmmmmm? Yeah, the numbers are skewed. Lobbyist, big business and politicians have pockets like a 5th grader on an annual Easter egg hunt!
  8. Did the test fit for the rad and engine. Yeah, they will not fit the fans in there. There was a playing cards worth of space going on, so I will have to use them as pushers. I will look into the reversing, if necessary Lockleaf. Pretty sure they came as pusher to begin with, but will check em out with a battery.
  9. Yeah, it will get interesting, but I have to complete the engine first, or temp mount the front assembly and do a test fit. There is always a way, for sure. It's Friday for me, so I will get back into her tomorrow and give an update.
  10. I haven't fit all that together yet as the engine is still waiting to be assembled. I need to get all that back in or mock it up to check for the fit. That, I shall do first. Thanks for looking out! As soon as I get the engine set I'll drop an oic in here to show the clearance. I'm not a fan (no pun intended here) of pusher fans because they take all the abuse from the road. This is why I wanted to stay behind the Rad. Going to run a single pulley to aid in opening the gap a bit, but will have to see where it all lands.
  11. I have the Mishimoto 8" pair of fans. Not sure if they are pushers, but if they are, I am going to reverse the polarity and make them pullers, cause I'm building a fan shroud. Here is the beginning of the template: Fans on template: Fans on radiator and template: Got it all laid out, with all the centers and overhangs to mount on the tangs. Going to cut out the fan circles and start the shroud sides and bends up to meet the fan backings. Going to be a little work, but should be fun. Making this out of sheet metal as I thing fiberglass would take a crap after awhile. All the measurements are on the template for anybody, maybe wanting to do the same. Will post all the final measurements and bends as well, when completed. I bought all the goodies at Evasive Motosports, www.evasivemotorsports.com. These guys shipped me the goods in record time with free shipping. Great place so far.
  12. The UPS guy hit my door on Wednesday with some goodies. Love it when he shows up. Ordered a Koyorad, a pair of Mishimoto fans and a fan regulator control module. That will solve my cooling needs and I can adjust the fan control by temperature to any level I need. Now, just have to build a radiator shroud to maximize the air flow. That shouldn't be too difficult. Was going to hook it up on Friday, but got busy and it was raining. So, gotta wait till Tuesday to get back in there. Should be fun fabricating all the bends and metal for that!! After that's done, I'm headed straight to putting the engine back together. Have all the parts, just need some assembly. I get oics up here soon.
  13. Right with ya. The CDC came out and said that people don't need to wear masks outside anymore. "Outside" is where most of the things we do happens, or at least those of us that don't live under a rock and are not scared to take life by the ballz! All those sheepeople out there who want Socialism can f*&king move on along to a county that provides that kind of service, but last time I checked, American doesn't bow down to any MFer's, to include the a$$holes in this country. Protect against all enemies, foreign and domestic is the Oath. If anyone has forgot this, use you social media tools to look it the f*&k up!! Mic drop here!
  14. Anybody have 10+ acres of non-sinkable ground where this could take place? I have 5, but the ground is a little soft and full of trees. If campgrounds are still open, couldn't we just hook up at one of those?
  15. Yeah, it's California buddy. Not the place I grew up in anymore. I would love to move back, but so set here in Washington and the shop is well on its way to being complete. Have a 2009 Dodge Ram 2500 with all the exhaust goodies removed. 6.7 liters of unadulterated pleasure!!
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