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My 1971 521


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Got my chevy's installed and then went to lower the truck so it wouldn't look like a monster truck but no luck.  I couldn't break the rear u-bolts loose to save my life (no breaker bar or torch) so I gave up on it.  Will try again with the right tools.


When I looked at lowering the front the driver side bolt was way shorter than the passenger side bolt.  Looks like the driver side broke at some point. Not sure what to do with the fronts.   No vibration at speed so that is great, but man does the truck look funny at stock height.  







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Got it lowered, 3" blocks in the rear and re-indexed 1 tooth in the front.  With the new wheels/tires no vibration whatsoever and the truck drives great.  




Being underneath it for so long was little disheartening though.  Passenger side torsion bar looked like new because it has been coated in oil for so long, driver side had the surface rust which I would expect from a truck this age.  Looks like the where the oil pan meets the transmission its leaking, the thin metal plate isn't flush against the pan and not sure if its just leaking from up top or its leaking from inside.  Slave still looks to be leaking, or just covered in a leak originating above it.  I still need to replace the clutch hose but haven't been able to find one but haven't looked that hard either.  


Next up is alignment, figure out the leaks and maybe replace the windshield as its cloudy as fuck right now.   Would love a nice clear one. 

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and that is a negative, sorry. might still be worthwhile to give them a call and see if they have anything that works?



I get my windshields from ProSource


      1968-73 Datsun 510 (FW204) Green tint $140 ea

      1968-70 Datsun 1600/2000 Tall Roadster  Green tint $250 ea

      1970-78 Datsun240/260/280 Z $120 green tint blue shade  ea

      Late 72-79 Datsun 620 Pick up green tint blue shade  $125 ea


      Richard Tankel <richardt@prosourceglassintl.com>

      ProSource Glass international

      Toll Free 877-345-2800 US & Canada


                   978-790-4657 Cell



Richard is awesome!


If he has a warehouse in your area, shipping is super cheap.


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I emailed him.  


Looks like Pilkington Classics has one too for $310:  https://www.pilkingtonclassics.com/shop/specialty-glass/windshields/10884-1965-1972-datsun-pickup-2-door-standard-cab-datsun-520-521-pickup-blue-tint  Total cost with shipping is $460, is that the going rate?  


Also this one on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1965-1966-1967-1968-1969-1970-1971-1972-Datsun-Truck-520-521-Windshield-Glass-/252722453565?fits=Make%3ADatsun&hash=item3ad76e9c3d:g:xfkAAOSwo4pYeFaf&vxp=mtr


I see a lot with blue tint, was that OEM?  Ebay one can be clear or green tint.  


What about gaskets, anyone got a line on them?  

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I have actually talked to this outfit on the phone twice in Oregon, once to suggest a better title so that their auction would actually show up on a search which they fixed, the other was to inquire about 320 windshields which they do not have.

I see that shipping will be an issue though, it would likely be over $500.00 for a windshield for you, it sounds like Pilkington Classics is your best bet unless you can find someone with a used windshield that will pack it in a bicycle box with a shitload of peanuts to keep it safe.

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Yeah Richards price to me is $520, Pilkingtons website seems to have shit the bed so I can't get an accurate quote.  There is another on ebay up (stamped pilkinton) in NJ for $475 but that's 5 hours roundtrip for me.    Arizona classics has the green tint one for $282.25 + tax, not sure about shipping though.   



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Been working on the truck here and there.  A bunch of updates all around this site, new slave, new SS slave hose, lowered, re-indexed, new wiper arms and some other little shit here and there.   Haven't gotten a gas tank or windshield yet, but will eventually, probably going to get the bed line-x'd next. 

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Revisiting this blowing the flasher and gauge fuse. I thought I had fixed it but ever since I lowered its started blowing a lot. I checked the wires in the bay and under the cab and didn't see anything that would cause it. Maybe something under the dash? Local guy said I can try and add another ground to the negative battery cable to the frame which might help. Had originally though it was the emissions wiring but not the case because that's disconnected.

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Not much going on lately, just driving the truck everyday and loving it.  


Got a line on a new windshield for $75, will see if it pans out.  Got a quote for $800 for carpet installation, may do that along with getting the bed line-x'd because anytime I seem to put anything in the bed it takes some paint with it.   Otherwise just fixing shit as it comes along.  





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