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My 1971 521


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Hey dp... I got one off eBay a while ago.... I'll check the manufacturer when I get home... I think I paid around 150... seemed like good quality, but I haven't even pulled it completely out of the box, just took a quick look... maybe I'll pull it out a check the fit while I'm at it...

I'll post a pic and manufacturer later...

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  • 2 weeks later...

In preparation for my carpet install I went ahead and pr-15'd the rust on floorboards.  Driver was the worst of it, passenger side just had spot rust so I didn't include pics of that.  Used the POR-15 starter kit which was more than enough to cover it. 





Brushed to remove what I could:



Degreased and Etched:



POR-15'd (2 coats):



Also got a new windshield but not sure I am going to install it (not a huge fan of green tint). Other than that, just been fixing shit it as it comes along.  

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  • 3 weeks later...

Started working on the carpet kit I got as well as getting the head freshened up.   Got my valve cover pc'd black as well and will sand off the DOHC when I get second.  Always sanded and going to pain my shifter base it will sit on top of the carpet so I want that to look minty fresh.  


I don't think I have ever had more shit in the bed then I do today.







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Got my head back (valve stem job, new valve seals, milled .005") and got then engine put back together.  A little intimidating at first as I have never done anything like that before, but in the end it worked out.  Just took awhile and I am sure I could get the head off in an hour at most now.


Also finished my carpet install.  Looking for a new dash, datsun grille emblem and maybe get my bed line-x'd.  Would love to take the bounce out of my truck but not sure how to do that just yet. 





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  • 3 weeks later...

Finally got the truck back from the fiasco at the shop and my chain tensioner. Everything seems to be running well for the most part, little hesitation in 3rd/4th when the engine is cold so not sure why its doing that.  Shopped messed with the carb so I can only assume that is why.  Already looking for the best deal on weber 32/36 so I figure I will just replace my stock Hitachi and go from there.  


Got a NOS rear view mirror of Ebay to replace mine which was deteriorating. 



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  • 4 weeks later...

Got a weber 32/36 and went to install it but the intake runner was in the way so I ordered a tall adapter to clear it.  Once it showed up I got the weber installed and removed the air pump and lines as well.  used the stock throttle cable plate, trundle and return spring as to make it nice and clean.  I left the runners because I couldn't get the bolts out and didn't want to cut them.  Truck runs great now, much better response than it did with the stock Hitachi.  


Not sure what is next on the list other than driving and enjoying this fucker.  Been looking at JDM wheels but haven't found anything that grabs me yet.  





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  • 5 weeks later...

Got datrods 3 anodized knobs today.  Popped them on and like them a lot except the headlight knob doesn't sit level, looks like the set screw hold was drilled off center so the engraving has a slant to it.  Other than I like the look and feel and glad these came up because 2 of the 3 plastic ones were broken.  Hoping datrod makes the choke and hazard as well so I can have a matching set.  



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