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Sometimes shit just works out


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99 percent 1200 parts a ton of NOS and a lot more still to come home......when I get everything home , all put out a full list...that oil pan appears to be an A series racing pan with baffles and a remote cooler......coil overs 2 brand new headers

Etc ...

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Both sets of fenders are brand new, and have never been installed. Yellow ones are fiberglass...( I believe from a company from up hear that used to be called creative trends in port kells) Dash pad is crack free with a glove box door  ,( there are a couple of glue streaks from radar detector that i need to removed) The oil pan is a nissan comp pan...There are at least 3 GX intakes ( Cannon single, a double Minkuni, a stock SU twin.  A couple of Lynx manifolds , one canon single intake, one warford twin, one long tube twin manifold, that has to be for racing, and must be for a RHD caar because it's way to long to fit a NA car, The struts are coil overs with old school camber plates, a couple of Webber 40 DCOE carbs , a 32/36 with adapter, 2 brand new headers( 1 pacesetter , and i'm not sure about the other) A lip that has never been installed,NOS tail light lens (japanesse/ asian ? orange outers x2) Nos rear ash trays, rear wheel cylinder kits, pedal cover,front signals lens,front signal jap/euro......This is only a part of the  collection. Stay tuned

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Ok , here's a list of the NOS stuff.....Ive got a ton to deal with ...I need to figure what i should keep for me and what i should get rid of.( lets not turn this into a for sale thread)Here's most of the NOS list.

Datsun NOS/Parts list.        ($ means in box new)
1-  44100-22027 Kit A rear wheel cylinder kit ( does both wheels)     $
1-  44100-22026 Kit B rear wheel cylinder kit ( does one wheel)        $
1-  44100-22027 Kit A rear wheel cylinder kit ( does one wheel).       $
3-  41000-H1026 Kit B Front dis brake pads and springs( each set does both wheel so).   $
1- 46010-H1006 Master Cylinder. $
4-  Brake / Clutch pedal rubber covers. New No box
1- Brake hose clamp kit ( recall kit for front brake line with instructions)72-0065#
2- 44060-18025 ( one set  has FERODO brand pads the other set looks semi metallic ) rear drum shoes and front pad sets $
1- 41060-H5025 rear brake shoe kit $

Electrical NOS

2- 48750-H1900 Ignition sw assy $
1- 25540-H1100 turn signal assy with high beam switch on end $
1- voltage reg ....no box brand new
1- lighter assy base is new...light is used lightly
1- 26510-H1800 Coupe license plate light $
1- 25510-H1900 sedan license plate light $


1-26121-H1600 euro turn signal (drivers) $
1-26126-H1600 euro turn signal ( pass) $
2- 26121-H1000 Orange signal ( pass) $
1- 26121-H1901 Orange signal ( drivers) $
2- sets. 26521-H1800 Euro rear turn signal lens $
1- set. 26521-H1910 rear brake light lens. $
1- set 26541-H1800 rear backup lens $
1- 36555-H1911 LH ( drivers) Nos tail light assy complete.$


1- 96502-K0102 rear ash tray $
3- 80283-H1800 vent window weather strip (no box but brand new
1- shifter boot  # unknown ( brand new)
1-6540-H1001 hood hinge ( no box but brand new)
2- Passenger side grill surround trim with rubber ( no box )
1- 80250-H1800 Passenger vent window channel and handle $
1- water pump
1- 17229-H1802 rad hose
1- 21200- P7991 thermostat
1- 79202- H1826 rear Center ornament $
2- 37124-P 3000 u joints
1- pair 76880-H3100 lower rocker trim ( brand new in bag $)

1- 63100-H1900 passenger fender $
1- ( part number unknown) drivers fender $
1- 62610-H1900 lower front valance $
2-76412-H1800 outer right rocker $
2- 76413-H1800 outer left rocker  $


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Hey Mat,

No I haven't started a for sale a ad yet . Im going to go through the whole lot ...and figure out what i have , and what i would like to keep and then sell off all the rest to recoupe some money .I don't need 2 dogleg 5 spds or 2 sets of rockers......And im sure other guys wold like to get there hands on this stuff. Ill post an ad pretty quick and let everybody know on the 1200 side. I also need to figure out how to get stuff shipped to the states , cause there isn't going to be enough interest up in Canada.

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So the gift keeps on giving. ........

I was a bit excited when I bought the stuff , and while going through the locker the first time. I kinda realized after I left a few days later, I might have not grabbed everything I should have. I tried for a few days to make contact with the guy I bought the stuff from , and he didn't call or e-mail back .

I spoke to a friend of mine up here that informed me that the wheels might be a bit special( hard to get ) , and then I realized I only had 3 matching and 1 odd ball rim( shit I should have taken all when I had the chance ) .....now the hunt was really on to get the rest of the locker ( I want those dam rims) .

I texted and e-mailed the guy at least a dozen times ..nothing .... Then It struck me that the guy was a bit flakey I bought from ...I wonder if he just took my money and bugged off. It turns out he did .

I contacted the storage place and struck a deal with them to buy and clean out the remaining stuff....I'll post up some pics of what else was in there. Needless to say I got back my original investment , kept a shit load of stuff I thought I would never see , and have sold enough to help out some people ( still have more to go through) . And pay to have the front end on my car done ( front half of the car cut off and re welded and painted. I might have a Datsun back on the road 27 years later after some douche stole my first one ...

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