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Sometimes shit just works out


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The seats ...the need to be re cover, but they are recaro seats.....might see how much they would cost to re skin.Inner fender supports NOS...The front fenders , the valance the rockers and the rocker trims were in the first batch i got. I got 2 more A15 motors that i gave to a buddy that races a sedan,( he gave me a lead that may or may not pan out).

I got the polished crank out of a block that looked good ,but i already have 3 ( it had a 486 lift cam in it ) I got 3 more heads ( 2 of which look like they have almost no miles on them ) NOS lower rad hose and hose clamps .Couple of bullet mirrors( i stripped them and scotch brite them) There is also a floor support that i haven't figured out where it goes. also i found the 4 100+ rims i was looking for,

Here comes the pics

















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I think im gonna keep the su's . I'm thinking of building a gx style motor( I've got the head and a set of flat tops.Ya i guess i should have stuck this in the 1200 section....if the mods want to move me, that would be cool. My car goes in for much needed repair on April 2 or the following week, as soon as she comes back I'll make a choice as to which motor goes in , and which tranny I'm putting in.

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The pic that your thinking a are sill plates are my shitty blinds for my basement.

Most of the single side draft intakes have been bought already as well as the dual ones. I've kept one cannon , and 1 Lynx intake for myself( my cars getting one ) I kept a oval port single as well as a dual su flat set for the gx head I got

I took the 2 tranny's apart to double check the condition before I sell them . Both need bearings and synchro kits .... They have no chipped or broken gears ....I'm gonna look at my good 60a and make sure I don't need parts for mine

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Ok ,an  ad has been stuck in the classifieds....need to get my heap fixed


Top of every page just under the RATSUN.NET logo is a link to the classifieds.


This is all going to have to be done by private messenger. Contact the seller? privately. Click on his name and go to his profile age there is a link there for private messages.

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So ,

Almost one year later after I got the locker and the stuff, I was able to locate the cars. I cant have the cars quite yet ...and they are pretty rough, but they have some stuff I need . Just a teaser I  got today ....I hope to get the rest this week. Maybe it can help the bleeding stop on my car .







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