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  1. About to be a roller again on one of the sets of wheels .....underside is done ... ca det that was in it is back in it for now.....other ca is cleaned up and ready to go in ... maybe it makes Cantby maybe it doesn't
  2. this isnt about you dan
  3. lol its up after my ca 18 det four door ... i think im gonna paint the wagon and have i be a nice unit.... i have had this bitch a long time....it deserves to run
  4. Ken i Pined for your car for years as a youth in olympia .... i used to drive state street to downtown just to catch a glimpse of it ... i used to see it everywhere around town ...it was iroonic when tim got it being we became friends around 2010 o a little after that ....
  5. Dick thats not true...been taking a year to redo the rear end lol byrons and coilovers and new disks...hans has been finishing his two door sedan too ... Lost some rear hubs and stubs it was apart so long ..... had to rob them off the wannabre but then found them the followiing monday under my desk .....idiot ...seems like alwys the way it goes ... this ca was in the car but took it back out ... gonna go withthe det i got from draynor to see what i got there .. Hans is finishing up his sedan too .... huge tomei ka deal ... prolly just gonna brake high end parts lol was supposed o be ready for cantby but not looking like its gonna actaully happen ... the show not the car lol.....it should be ready... building a boat as i do this but trying to spend one day a week on the bun.....wagin is coming home soon too ... alnd maintaining my bmw wagon fleet ... about tired of car shit ...
  6. Necro posting ....irs and air ride done ... whn the palid car is back on the road i guess i Will have no excuses ..
  7. U sound like my friends on the jet boat pages too ..... uh thats the plan ...
  8. Nothing new here ... just drive it ... its been sitting for a few months but im gonna use it next wewek
  9. Ironically not the above pictured ca ...thats going in a 1200 im restoring
  10. After a hiatus this little beater is getting a CA 18 det Right now .... i wll post some pics ..... is photobucket still working ?
  11. Naner... you make everyone seem so welcome ... skalpem is here crying on the counter cause hes afraid of tunnels
  12. its ok, we are dicks and it was anti truck year ... So we gleamed the cube in reasons to be left out ....im just happy my last minute tune worked since i hadn't driven it for a year ...the new tires on the rims were way nicer to drive on and th ladder rack didnt hinder my already wide open gas mileage ........ super glad i got to see my friends from down south .... spent to much time in camp out back ... took zero pics
  13. Damn Naners right in the feels!!! Always a pleasure baconator...... more hot dawgs and bacon for next year i guess !!!!
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