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  1. 67411sss

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    Trying to post some goodies! Damn photobucket
  2. 67411sss

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    <a href="http://s269.photobucket.com/user/rors33/media/12FB8D13-26D6-4591-A782-05FD2670F6FB_zps3ehjnrpa.jpeg.html"target="_blank"><img src="http://i269.photobucket.com/albums/jj56/rors33/12FB8D13-26D6-4591-A782-05FD2670F6FB_zps3ehjnrpa.jpeg" border="0" alt=" photo 12FB8D13-26D6-4591-A782-05FD2670F6FB_zps3ehjnrpa.jpeg"/></a>
  3. 67411sss

    dropping like flies?

    Not enough datsuning! To much trolling
  4. 67411sss

    HNY 2016! scraping sunny on bags

    This is totally ratsun.. I've seen way worse ideas than this
  5. 67411sss

    World war 3

    Right on fisch! Bernie all the way! For the greatest country in the world it sure has an insecurity issue about guns and freedom, a real man doesn't need a gun, if he does need one , he wasn't a real man to start with
  6. 67411sss

    620 troubles

  7. 67411sss

    Negative sparks

  8. 67411sss

    Negative sparks

    yeah, just trying to rule things out and understand how the truck was stolen . one more question.. the blue wire on the female side of the ignition runs to the radio on factory specs. does yours?
  9. 67411sss

    Negative sparks

    on your ignition plug , are the terminals burnt? or dirty?
  10. 67411sss

    Negative sparks

    what about ignition?
  11. 67411sss

    Negative sparks

    first post.. Hey ratsun so my 78 620 was stolen but I had gotten it back without a battery and my ignition The evidence points to forcing ignition lock, no missing around with hot wiring you replaced ignition and battery! is battery good? is ignition good? It should be that simple
  12. 67411sss

    Negative sparks

    back up a minute... did the thieves ruin the ignition when stealing the truck? if so then they had no need to fuck with the wiring! double check you have the right ignition... please
  13. 67411sss

    Negative sparks

    your ignition plug looks like it has only 4 female terminals and the ignition has 5 male prongs. is this correct? did you get a new/different ignition?
  14. 67411sss

    Negative sparks

    Follow the ignition wires back as far as you can! Your wiring looks pretty clean There must be something obvious we are missing
  15. 67411sss

    Negative sparks

    Yeah what is up with those wires? Rip that out

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