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  1. Naner... you make everyone seem so welcome ... skalpem is here crying on the counter cause hes afraid of tunnels
  2. its ok, we are dicks and it was anti truck year ... So we gleamed the cube in reasons to be left out ....im just happy my last minute tune worked since i hadn't driven it for a year ...the new tires on the rims were way nicer to drive on and th ladder rack didnt hinder my already wide open gas mileage ........ super glad i got to see my friends from down south .... spent to much time in camp out back ... took zero pics
  3. Damn Naners right in the feels!!! Always a pleasure baconator...... more hot dawgs and bacon for next year i guess !!!!
  4. nice frank ... good pics thnks for sharing
  5. Back from the ashes .... Emmet (hahahaha almost a exact year of sitting ... )
  6. Love seeing this pop up on my feed on instagram ... awesome build
  7. ted your ideas are so weird ... to clarify im bringing the cooking device, a bbq... prolly can do the condiments too
  8. jrock4224


    post a vid if u do ... home depot rents one
  9. jrock4224


    seen this method done .....sketchy as fuck !!!!! just take the hubs and a wheel and machine the hub
  10. uh thanks i think and thanks naner its not a event unless a pink dick is seen going in my mouth !!
  11. i live near the outlets .... and the step daughter works at nike..... so once we get the employee discount and the clearance discount most shoes are like 17 bucks...i grew up in the 80s and 90s so i gravitate to bright colors... and there was a time during my divorce that i wore bright colored shit in case i went missing .... (yes i wish i was lying ...) (( i think shes moved on from breaking into my house and shit and stalking me and the new lady ...but i still get nervous..))
  12. wonder what the v license plate means dat "v" 510
  13. nice video !!!!llooks like a good time
  14. Why do all your pics of your cars make me feel like u live in a ghost town
  15. 1045 pre meet at the shop 2815 37th Ave sw Tumwater wa 98512 Naners bringing a box of twinkies they prolly Old tho
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