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Behind a barn find


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I just realized I hadn't done an intro, so here goes. I saw a 510 on craigslist, and since they NEVER show up around here, I had to call. I explained to the owner that I did not need, or want a project right now, but I should look at it. He told me that he had quite a few people call about it, and he had invited a few to look at it, but he hadn't found the right buyer yet. One guy even wanted to cut it up and make a trike out of it. It had been sitting in his yard since 2001. I decided to drive out and look it over. He had been a service guy at a Nissan dealer for a long time, and was heavily into 240z's. We talked about cars for a couple of hours, and apparently I passed the interview process. The car was sitting behind on of his outbuildings, rough but reasonably rust free.I offered him $1k, and agreed to come back the next weekend with a trailer. During that week, I picked found a set of 13" wheels I thought would be perfect, which are on the car here.


I ended up going back in three trips to get all the parts he wanted to give me, quite a few of which I'll end up selling to fund this project.

Interior pictures:




I've made a lot of progress since this spring, and will update this over the next few days. I've been lurking and buying parts since I joined, and figured it's about time I participated.




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Thanks for the welcome. The guy I bought it from said he had gotten an engine project from a fellow Nissan tech, but wasn't sure what was there. It turns out that there was an L20 block bored 1mm over, brand new flattop pistons and rods, and everything needed to assemble it. The head is a U67, with bigger valves (I can't remember the sizes offhand), snazzy red valve spring retainers, and some porting on the intake side. I didn't have any carburation, so I ordered a 32/36 weber. I'm afraid it won't be enough carb, but I have no idea if the cam is stock or a regrind. We'll see. The weber says to remove the stock linkage from the Hitachi, which I don't have. Any suggestions, or pictures of what the linkage looks like?


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While I was lollygagging around putting the engine together, I replaced the 13" wheels with some 15" Konig Rewinds that I painted gunmetal. I found that the selection of 13" tires was pretty dismal. I've also done the rear disc swap, and replaced the front struts with 280zx struts w/coilovers. I have cut the rear springs to get an idea of ride height, but I haven't decided if I'm going to go coilovers on the rear, or try to find some obnoxiously stiff rear springs to equal the 200# springs up front. I plan on autocrossing it, with some occasional trips around the hills.


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Oh i so wish that white interior was in good shape :(....id offer to buy the interior from you if it was lol.  Trying to horde white interior pieces for my car >.>



Very good score man, very VERY nice.  


White would have been cool, but the sun hadn't been kind to it. My mom and I have redone MANY interiors over the years (she is creeping up on 80 and still loves to sew), so we whipped up some door panels, and she's almost done with the back seat.



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Since I've neglected this thread since starting it, here are a couple more updates:


Rear suspension. I decided to go with Ground Control/Koni rear coilovers w/ 200 lb springs. I've replaced all the bushings (rubber in the control arms, poly in the crossmember and mustache bar), and slotted the crossmember



Front suspension. At the ride height I wanted, I was left with about 1" of travel, so I ordered a set of Koni VW Rabbit inserts. They are apparently arriving by mule, since I ordered them 4 weeks ago and still nothing yet. I also got a big ass tap to rethread the strut tubes after shortening, which will be for for sale or rent afterwards. all new rubber bushings in the front, also.



Seats. Believe it or not, I got these babies for $50. I LOVE salvage yards



All the lines for fuel are replaced, and fabbed up a fuel filler hose. I don't know what it was out of. It was in an out building at another salvage yard sans car.

 I'm waiting on coolant hoses from rock auto.


Where it currently sits:


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It's definitely going to stay the same on the outside. As for the tap, the threads on one of the 280zx strut tubes is pretty chewed up, and I'd already sent my 510 tubes to T3, so it was either find another tube with usable threads, or buy the tap. I skipped class in welding way back in '85, and since have never learned to weld, so I'd have had to pay someone to weld 'em up anyway.

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