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  1. '70dime

    4 doors in WA project 510 Ka24e Turbo

    Hey Boss, I didn't see where if you were running an aftermarket cam. but I bought a bunch of KA24e stuff off a dude and it came with a brian crower low boost custom grind cam. I've got no use for it, would you be interested?
  2. '70dime

    2500 pounds of 4 wheel drive furry !

    Thats one of my dream cars. jelly belly over here
  3. '70dime


    When I swapped 280zx brakes and 200sx master cylinder on my dime I ran into the same brake problem. Turns out the push rod that went into the master from the pedal assy was keeping a little bit of pressure on the brakes and everytime I pushed the pedal they'd drag a lil more. All I did was take some of the adjustment out of the push rod and I haven't had a problem since.
  4. A few links to help you with your quest for knowledge. I got a SK setup also, cant wait to get them running. http://www.racetep.com/tepoer.html http://www.zccjdm.com/catalog.php/azcarbum/ct27192/O.E.R._AKA__SK__DCOE_CARBURETORS http://www.zccjdm.com/catalog.php/azcarbum/dt84283/pd1938012/A_OER__SK__RACE__DCOE__CARBURETORS_
  5. '70dime

    The Cpl's Artwork

    dude man, truly stellar work here. keep posting your work, I love looking at it.
  6. '70dime

    The Cpl's Artwork

    very interested, lemme know when you have some ready to go
  7. '70dime

    The Cpl's Artwork

    Hey man, lemme get that owl. if you're interested in selling that is.
  8. '70dime

    71 510 DD "Daily Driver"

    Please please please do the brakes before the engine swap, stock 510 brakes are a joke once you reallly start rollin
  9. '70dime

    The Redskunk '73 620

    hell yea, Glad I found your thread. (This is Pierce)
  10. '70dime

    Instagram handles

  11. old show truck in FL http://pensacola.craigslist.org/cto/4666330974.html
  12. '70dime

    DVDSWANs HB Build

    Thats toooo cool boss, much love for the paint job.
  13. I want more pictures.
  14. '70dime

    The next episode.

    I love old school MX bikes

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