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  1. Thank you, it just really fucking sucks. I bought this truck from my dad because of how well he took care of it. I just hate thieves.
  2. So woke up on turkey day to my Hardbody gone. Fuckers joy rode it, and then stripped some ridiculous shit off it. Took my headlights, grill, ripped out my dash in spots, wheel, and anything else not bolted down that was easy to take, Then they left it stuck in the mud 500 feet off the road. Took 450 feet of cable, and two tow trucks to get her out. They also took my battery. No idea if the engine is ok, but chances are they were extra hard on it to get it to where it was. This just sucks, I loved this truck, and im not sure what insurance is going to do, but most likely totaled out. If motor is ok I plan on buying it back and fixing it back to where it was. These people took out my cameras and used something that blocked the signals from them. Just sucks.
  3. We had about 24-30 cars as Some left before I could count, we were there from 10am-1pm as people were leaving between 12:30-1. Was not bad, we gave out free hotwheels and had some good conversations. Was nice to at least have a little get together, but the Park decided to Rope off and close our normal area, so we had to park near the front of the Park, so I know some may of missed as as driving in. I brought my 92 Se-r and was shocked someone else came in one. Lots of 510's, but I didnt see a darn 620, and I had some 620 stuff to sell.
  4. This Sunday the 8th, see those that show up there at 10 am. We will have some door prizes, and someone may be there selling diecast. We will not have food or drinks, and no awards. But we will do a raffle and just have a good time looking at cars!
  5. danfiveten


    Made a new post. Doing a not official show at blue lake. They won’t reserve our space. We will do raffles but no food or awards. Info in new thread.
  6. The not blue lake show at blue lake will be happening on our normal show day. August 8th. Blue lake. We will not have food or awards. This is not a official show as the park will not allow us to reserve our space, but more of a gathering. We will raffle off some door prizes and sell tickets for a raffle. 10:00 is when the gathering will start. This is not a official show, but at least a way to still have a show. Bring your Nissan your Datsun even your Infiniti. Let’s have fun just hanging out and looking at cars. Just come have some fun and look at cars. I will post more info soon.
  7. Is it bad I hope our trip gets cancelled somehow 🙂 Like I finally have my purple 510 painted, I have Art back up and running...and I dont get to take them to any Datsun shows, as the park STILL wont get back to us....Ill have to do the bend show or something coming up.
  8. I just realized something Horrible.....We are camping in Astoria the same weekend for my Daughters Birthday 😞 I thought we were not going until the next weekend.
  9. Looking forward to this, we still cant get anything from the Parks Department about Blue lake so, at this point I figure we are done for this year unless a miracle happens, so I am looking even more forward to Power Land this year, especially since I fixed Arts Carb and shes back up and running good. I am banned on facebook for 30 days for calling a woman a bitch, they said I was bullying her, even though she called me a Trumper first lol.
  10. danfiveten


    Hey there everyone, So we are still waiting to find out if we will have Blue Lake this year, at this point we are not sure. We are waiting the Park Rangers to get back to us on our reservation, if we do not find out by the end of May, I will update our Facebook, Instagram, and this page with the information if it is, or is not happening. I do not want us to make a last minute decision, and cause us to not have everyone who would enjoy coming. We will also let it be known if we can have food, or not this year if we do get to have the show, if we can not, we will modify our prices for the show.
  11. YAY! Now if I can get the damn park to commit for our show.....
  12. We are in the same lake with Blue Lake, we are trying to get our normal date all the way in August pinned down, and they are being ridiculous about it :(. I really hope Powerland and Blue Lake can happen this year.
  13. We had about 16 cars, and went to the top visitor center. Was a fun 4 hour run, ill try to get pics up when on my computer.
  14. Also led headlights as well as a full rear ended rebuild with poly urethane in the rear. Car feels so different and looks so different after 25 years of being the same.
  15. Don’t know why my phone double posted each photo. But oh well.
  16. Don’t forget this Sunday. 11 am. We cruise to St. Helens. Meet up at salmon creek Albertsons near the hospital. We will stop in Longview for lunch off the freeway. And leave at 1 to the mountain. We have yet to decide where to stop for food, but so far most want taco time.
  17. We plan on stopping in kelso area for fuel / lunch. We will be staying near the freeway. Maybe taco time or something around there. Then out to St. Helens.
  18. I see alot of semis parking behind albertsons, i wouldnt mind you parking in front of my place.
  19. We will be bringing some door prizes. A Datsun 510 rc. A Nissan hotwheels garage. And some other stuff. Each car will get one ticket. Just some goodies for coming out and having fun.
  20. Off for alignment, tomorrow balancing. Has been pulling in the lanes, and the wheel just feels loose..... And over 60 a bad vibration, which im figuring the wheels just need balanced. Also put the new led headlights in, still need to do a harness, so for now the highs are wired to my fogs.
  21. So we will meet at 11 am on Sunday August 9th, at the Salmon Creek Albertsons. I figure this will be a good spot to hop on the Freeway, and try to stay together.
  22. I’ll update this weekend once we have everything down.
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