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  1. Yeah I’m out of the Datsun game for now. I’m looking for a 62 Galaxie to build next. I don’t have the room to store parts i may never use again so they gotta go.
  2. Sold my wagon and the buyer didn’t want any of my spare parts so I’m selling my whole stash, including a long tail 5-speed and a ported head with a hot cam, 510 trim, ect check out the ad. https://offerup.co/Z8GLGr0iz6
  3. Listed my 69 wagon for sale. https://offerup.co/o0N7AVbHn6
  4. So you got 2 of them. Are you going to build a roof across the middle for covered parking? That would be sweet.
  5. Awesome. I remember seeing this and almost made a run to get it. Excited to see what you do with it.
  6. https://offerup.co/wUyHagywlZ this is mine. 71 510 Wagon Project $1000
  7. Thank you Duncan, that pic will help a lot to confirm I’m getting the right stuff.
  8. Thanks so much for checking and confirming what I feared. Now I know what to look for at least.
  9. Thanks. Now that we know they’re different, I have to ask if anyone has used the FutoFab ones on a goon and modified them to work?
  10. Getting around to mounting the rear bumper on my 69 wagon and realized I’m missing the bumper brackets. FutoFab has new sedan brackets but before I drop the cash on them, are they they same for a sedan as a goon? If not can they be tweaked to work? I used to know this but I just can’t remember!
  11. Yeah if it’s in decent shape it should seal up nice and tight. When they are on ships at sea they see some pretty serious weather so they’re built to be water tight. Rodents will have a hard time getting in.
  12. My parents use a non-insulated shipping container to store their horse feed and other farm stuff. It stays dry inside and there is never a worry about the food getting moldy or damp. It’s on the Kitsap Penninsula so the same climate as you south sound guys. They’re nice storage and most have hardwood floors too.
  13. I love the color. That’s so rad. Must not be a stock color... I don’t think I’ve seen it on a Datsun before.
  14. I like Offerup. Still free. Reasonable format and has a large number of users. Allows you to rate buyers and sellers after a transaction so it helps you weed out the deadbeats. I HATE searching Facebook marketplace. It’s impossible to to find anything without wasting tons of time. Craigslist is way down on listings for sure. No more beaters but also no more fake ads.
  15. ^^^ if you post a paid ad you can still get flagged but an actual human will review your ad to see if the flags are legitimate before pulling it, unlike before when a computer algorithm would pull your ad. Sounds like the free ads are still community policed.
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