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  1. hobbes_the_cat

    I’m New Here!

    Don’t forget Rockauto.com. They still have a good selection of the typical stuff that wears out and they’re doing a better job with more accurate pics of the specific parts.
  2. hobbes_the_cat

    510 carpet kits???

    Well it looks like 71Dimer hasn’t been here in a year and isn’t responding to inquiries about his carpet kits so I’m looking for recommendations on where to get a decent carpet kit. I need a kit for my 69 510 wagon. I see one kit on eBay, I think the seller is brownstreethotrods or something like that. Anyone tried those or have another recommendation?
  3. hobbes_the_cat

    Old school reunion

    I’m going too!
  4. hobbes_the_cat

    Inside door panels for 510

    I just bought new hatch glass weatherstripping from them about a month ago. Shipped out quick and quality was fair. It was aftermarket so it’s not perfect but it’ll do the job and felt like better rubber than the old datsunland stuff. I’d buy from them again.
  5. hobbes_the_cat

    GOONS check in

    Just drove it for the first time. Bought it as a stripped to metal basket case about a year ago.
  6. hobbes_the_cat

    What did you do to your dime today?

    Drove it for the first time!
  7. hobbes_the_cat

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    It has Mexico plates and the rear wheels have no camber so I bet you’re right.
  8. hobbes_the_cat

    Headliner / glass / dash install order

    Ok so I’m not finished with the headliner but I have it clamped in place. I kept having trouble with the bows staying up right. The more I looked at other people’s pics I realized the bows are supposed to have washers on the ends. Once I installed those it added just enough tension to keep all but one of the bows up right. The front bow I ended up making a tie wire to hook it the the roof frame and that’s keeping it where it needs to be. I think I got it now! Just need some more heat, stretching and glue to finish up. Thanks for all the tips guys.
  9. hobbes_the_cat

    Who sold a white goon in Seattle ...

    It had a build thread on here a while ago but I’m sure the pics are lost to Photobucket. I test drove it years ago before this guy bought it. Body was rough and was still an L16/automatic back then... and it was blue. If I remember right this guy put a ton of work into it but still a lot left to do. Plus I think the white paint is hiding a lot...
  10. hobbes_the_cat

    Headliner / glass / dash install order

    Well I spoke too soon, they all fit and hold tension fine when the back is not hooked into the channel but when the back is hooked in the front two bows can’t stay upright. Maybe it needs to be hotter so I can stretch it more...
  11. hobbes_the_cat

    Headliner / glass / dash install order

    Thanks Freak, you mentioned tension and there was zero tension in any of the bows, all were loose. I was putting them in the lower holes and they needed to be in the upper holes. All good now! Holding perfectly.
  12. hobbes_the_cat

    Potentially buying my first 510, could use some advice

    ^^^ these guys bring up good points but I think 2k for a one owner car that isn’t hacked to death ain’t bad in my opinion. It’s next to impossible to find rust free or even low rust dimes in that price range these days. Plan rust repair in the budget. 5-speed swaps aren’t too hard for an average gearhead. I do agree on prodding the vinyl top to hunt for hidden rust but you may be surprised. Vinyl is not a guarantee of rust underneath but it does raise the odds.
  13. hobbes_the_cat

    Headliner / glass / dash install order

    Ok so I bought a headliner and started installing it. The previous owner labeled the bows so I’m pretty sure I got them in the right order. Problem is I can’t get them to stay up right, they keep spinning and drooping down even when I put tension on the headliner. Is there some sort of clip or wire to keep them upright that maybe the PO lost? Also there is a cluster 3 holes in a triangle shape that the bows hang from on each side, is there a specific one of the 3 holes to use?
  14. hobbes_the_cat

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    ^^^ if they are Ratsun member they should know that it’s not a coupe, it’s a 2-door sedan. :)
  15. hobbes_the_cat

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    Wow. Only thing that looks good on that thing is the 68 grill...

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