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  1. Struts are Infiniti M30, same same as late Z31 turbo or S12 V6 but with 4 lug hubs and floating rotors. Not much to update, I've just been driving it as much as I can before I take it to get exhaust fixed. Night cruise! Before the curfews 😉
  2. Thanks Draker! It is good to be back, better to be driving my Datsun! It's on the road and hope to get back to the track soon. I have a few things to do first... I need to drill the hat bolts and safety wire my new brakes: So I can run my new wheels up front: ...and about a million other things! lol
  3. Thanks Keeper, you too! Wheels are 15x10 et-13. The backspacing is right around 5". I have wanted to get 15x10's for a while but they are a very tight fit so every dimension is critical. One of the coolest things about these Superlites other than the look is that they will custom machine the offset, center bore, and bolt pattern. They will even put in seats for whatever type of lugnut you want to run. One of the biggest obstacles is the inside profile of the hub pad and spoke shape. With more negative offset you get more room for brakes but at et-13 I was having issues. Pic
  4. That is awesome, I just saw the newsletter. Looks like Ukiah and an undisclosed local spot... ? Been busy with the holidays but I did manage to get my 510 a nice Christmas present: They are going to take a little more work to fit than I bargained for but I love them!
  5. It has been 13 months since my last update! I guess I shouldn't have said "soon" lol. About a month after I pulled #2 out I picked up #3 from Wolfreign Motors in Oakland. It is a stock block S13 with HKS cams/ adj, cam gears: I got it home and on the stand where it has sat for most of this year. You all know how it is, life and all that ;). Well, on November 3rd, our autocross club held it's last event. I had to go. With my engine still on the stand and my alternate ride at a rallycross that day I took my DD. It's a 2007 Honda Fit 5MT with 360000 miles of commu
  6. I had a Design Products brace on my car for about the last year or so it was running. I was autocrossing once a month and a few track days all with 225 BFG Rivals. When I removed my steering for the JBC rack kit I noticed that the brace had torn through the shock tower sheetmetal.
  7. It was a junk engine from the get-go and a bad buy. After that trackday last year I only really drove it a couple other times. It generally ran crappy and was smoking a ton. Hopefully I can tear it down and salvage some of the hotrod aftermarket parts for a real build down the line. For now I'm going to throw in a fresh from japan longblock and try not to detonate it. ;)
  8. Soon! SR20DET #3 due to arrive at the end of the month! This time I'm going to take my time and hopefully get to enjoy my 510 again next season.
  9. 510T

    Datsun BBQ......

    I had a great time even though my car was not cooperating. Thanks for hosting another awesome bbq Busta! It was great to catch up with the crew and meet a few new faces. :thumbup:
  10. It lives, but not 100 yet...
  11. Without resolving my AFR issues I went to a trackday at Thunderhill. It was cool. My buddy offered to come with me and was nice enough to bring us up on his trailer. I cut the day short after the second session. In addition to running very rich and using almost a full tank of fuel in 2 sessions I was blowing oil again. It was coming from somewhere on the driver side, maybe the BOV or another bad coupler. Rather than ignore it and clean up after every session we packed up and hit the road home. I haven't touched it since, that was 12/11. I never really g
  12. I think these are 15x10 -45 with 195/45... He seems to drive it around.
  13. I don't think that is causing my issue as it has run perfectly fine like this for years. I have wondered about it though so I went to Pepboys for an elbow a connector and some clamps and lengthened the pipe a bit. No noticeable change, still rich. Idle/cruise anywhere between 10.8-13.5 mostly around 12's...
  14. 185/55R14 for the lows, 22" diameter.
  15. Yes it is part of the long term plan. Also want dual rear Z32 calipers eventually, just because.
  16. Trying to troubleshoot the rich running condition without a multimeter or any real knowledge, I have been researching and decided maybe it was a bad ECU coolant temp sensor. It would be cheap and easy to replace anyways. I took a trip to the local Pick-and-Pull for a newer sensor and connector because mine was corroded. I pulled a few from various Nissans but decided to get one from a Q45. It had a better connector and was clean. Wired it up and initially I thought the problem was solved but the AFR's eventually went back to 12-13:1 at idle and cruise, so no change. I'm not sure what to
  17. I'm not sure your car could make it out there without losing the oil pan! :rofl: Marshall Petaluma Road, it is pretty but sooo bumpy. Like all our rural roads out here. :(
  18. Today my Datsun took me to work for the first time in months! I got off early so drove the long way home through west Marin and Sonoma counties. I had to keep it chill due to the new engine but it was a pretty nice drive. :D Tomales Bay in the background:
  19. Been driving, it's hard to stay out of the upper reaches of the tacho. I'm a little over halfway through the prescribed 500 mile break in. No more hiccups yet! Also at the urging of a friend I retrieved my defroster grills from the shed and got them installed for the first time since I took the car apart in 2007. No installed oics but I promise they are in there and make for a much more finished look. Never mind the cracked dash pad and windshield...
  20. Yeah I am sure I will turn it up a bit,
  21. I've got about 100 miles on it and starting to feel good about things. I ended up re-stabbing the CAS after double checking the mechanical cam timing and now the timing sits right at 15* BTDC with the CAS in the middle of its range. :thumbup: I also cleaned the ECU's temp sensor connector. The idle is solid at 850 rpm, the temp is stable at 195* and no more weird cruising issues. That may change tomorrow but for now I am happy. Still running kind of rich but I'm not too worried about that for now. No leaks! Bay: My last engine did a hair over 40,000 miles in this 5
  22. https://www.instagram.com/p/BLiHnRSAgB9/"
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