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  1. danfiveten

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    The price it takes to put on the shows sometimes is such a pain in the ass, hate when the places should be loyal to you for having the event there EVERY DAMN YEAR, and instead raise prices and offer nothing extra. Think they would like making money? But it is all about greed. Frankly im happy we have hit 35 years with blue lake. If we hit 40 ill be even happier. After that im not to sure at this point, every year we have less people register cars, and when people dont register it means we dont make money to pay for next years event. The raffle pays for the raffle and food, not for the event itself.
  2. danfiveten

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    New 5 pack
  3. danfiveten

    Blue Lake 2019 35 years of Datsuns

    Blue Lake will be in August of 2019. Will have the official date up once we get confirmation from the park. This will be our 35th year. 35 Years of Datsuns, in the same park. This is a big thing, We have every one of you to thank for all the years of support, And hopefully we can make 40 years. Also we will have some cool trophies created by Johnny Hay again this year. We have something cool in the works with him 🙂
  4. danfiveten

    Canby 2019 can't wait

    I would hate to see it move further south, i know many from up north would not like that either. If steve doesnt want to continue it i hope someone does, steve has done a great job. But as he and others have seen it is NOT EASY running a show. We have struggled for years with blue lake because of lack of volunteers. Every year people say they will help out, and then dont 😞 We are getting tired as well, but we push on and this year will be the 35th year.
  5. Forgot how much fun it is to daily drive a 510. 

  6. danfiveten

    pic of your dime

  7. danfiveten

    Super sonic grill remake

    Enjoy you guys, reason i sold mine corace made is well...because i was offered 1000 for it, and everyone is going to have one lol. Plus i love my Safari grill i got now 😉 Happy to see people that want this grill, finally able to get it though.
  8. danfiveten

    What did you do to your dime today?

    Got a new Grill from Brian. Thank you Brian. From To
  9. danfiveten

    Dan's 720

    Yah i just need to take it to dan hart to have him figure out the vacuum leak issue.
  10. danfiveten

    Dan's 720

  11. danfiveten

    Dan's 720

  12. danfiveten

    Dan's 720

    Scored this 720 for 800 bucks.Used to belong to Brian. Lady ended up ramming her sons sentra with it in the driveway so she took 100 off. Needs the Exhaust done, also the idle is surging. Will be a good camping rig.
  13. danfiveten

    DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

    Fred meyers has a matchbox 10 pack that has a exclusive orange skyline.

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