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  1. Caravan leaving at 9am from fred meyers off 117th in vancouver.
  2. Darren Davies will be Running a caravan from Vancouver wa, then to Canby Freddies, then to silver falls. I will get all the info from him.
  3. Very well done 🙂 Truthfully our group had an amazing time and one of the better shows that we have been to in a while. Was very laid back. I give you props man, you did it great and i hope to see it keep growing every year to the size of what canby was.
  4. Time Left: 2 days and 3 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Have a good shape 510 grill and headlight surrounds for 300 plus shipping.


    vancouver, Washington - US

  5. Kicking it old school is not a american car show lol. Good luck to you guys is all i can say, i hope to see it work out.
  6. Im just saying, i dont know of any events that datsun people are going to going on say the next weekend. Better to spread events out tan all on one day.
  7. I got some advice on this, and remember we have been doing blue lake a long time. DO NOT take the same weekend as canby, do it later in june. Canby was having issues with rain due to the season pushed back. Not only that, you will have HUGE competition with Kicking It Old School, which is already set in on that date, and i know alot of datsun people that are going there. Dont start a new show, on the same weekend as other established shows. It never works out good. Space the shows out from other shows.
  8. Yah Steve hate needs to stop. We get it. You don’t like him. I’m sick of the bashing. They all worked their ass off to put on a good show. It is a ton of work to put on a show of this scale. Thank you Steve and everyone for doing what they could. At the end of the day it also comes down to lack of help. Every year 20-30 people say hey Dan I can help at blue lake this year. Yet the day of the show we get like 5 volunteers. Our members are getting old. Who knows how many years we have of blue lake even. This is our 35th year. I for one am sad we have lost a great Datsun show that started the summer for us.
  9. Blue Lake is in Fairview Oregon, just outside of portland off of marine drive.
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