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  1. Issue is the park. We don’t want to alienate them to where they refuse us next year. I was going to talk with jbird from powerland about maybe a joint meet up. Nothing official just a gathering.
  2. At this point blue lake is canceled everyone. We got word from the park the other day. They can’t guarantee us our spot due to restrictions. Instead on our Instagram we will do a virtual car show. As well as sharing images of years past shows from the late 80s-90s. I’m sorry everyone. It’s a shock to me as well, I’ve never missed a show since I was 4 years old. The restrictions put on by the governor has damaged any shows that go on at a state campground it seems.
  3. I think we should do a impromptu gathering of both shows since it seems we’re both screwed till September 😞. Nothing official. We just all showed up at some random park with a big parking lot. If a cop shows up oh sorry sir. We just all seemed to show up at the same time. I saw this Datsun pull in and followed them and was like wow. More datsuns.
  4. Well. It looks like brown just fucked both our shows officially. 😞. Maybe we can do a get together. Of some kind for both shows but not have it be a official thing ? So no awards no door prizes. Just oh. We all happened to show up at the same time ? Call it power lake lol. Or blue land. Lol.
  5. Same for you man. Even if later. I want both our shows.
  6. Hey everyone, The Blue Lake Datsun/Nissan show will be Sunday August 9th.....That is if kate brown lets us :(. I will keep this thread, and our facebook page updated if the show is a go, or a no go. I really hope we get at least one show this summer 😞
  7. FUCK. Purple car should of been done with paint in time 😞. Hell im worried about blue lake at this point. 😞
  8. God I hope it will be behind us by then. Need to do some shows and get the hell out of the house.
  9. That chevy, it has adjustable suspension, so you can raise and lower it.
  10. Hoping either Purple will be painted....or the carb will be done for Art so i can bring a Datsun this time. Taking forever for my damn rebuild kit to come in :(. Finally found a good core carb though 🙂
  11. So many at my local stores that have Backroom Deals. Gets annoying...but hey....it is what it is sadly.
  12. Not a hotwheel but its RC 🙂 And only 16.99 Just reminds me of the one on Jay Lenno
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