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  1. So many at my local stores that have Backroom Deals. Gets annoying...but hey....it is what it is sadly.
  2. Not a hotwheel but its RC 🙂 And only 16.99 Just reminds me of the one on Jay Lenno
  3. Thank you everyone for the amazing turn out. We had almost 80 cars registered. 157 cars present. Had some more coming in that I don’t think made the count. We will be doing another year and I would love to see us hit 40 years. Thank you all. We do this for you and your families. Now to rest my aching back lol. I didn’t get any show pics so post them if you got em.
  4. I look forward to exploring more of powerland next year. And actually bringing one of my datsuns since Art's carb should be done by then ( hope to god) and purple should be painted by then ( hope to god) lol.
  5. Trophies are fully finished. These Plug in and have a remote to change colors and modes. Thanks Johnny Hay for more awesome trophies. These are badass.
  6. Sneak peek of this years awards. Went out of our way for the 35th year. These are the big show awards, will have our usual plaques for most classes.
  7. Coming up soon guys. Getting excited to share our 35th year with you.
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