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  1. Should be three of us coming from Phoenix. I'm driving, but not the 510.
  2. Mine used to do this as well. Drill a tiny hole in your gas cap to let air in as the fuel gets used up.
  3. I got my mossberg 500 at Big 5 about 7 years back. Just put a pistol grip on it last week.
  4. That color is very "in" right now, I'd keep it. Maybe get some touch up paint made and matched by a paint shop, or find a close enough spray can to do touch ups. Glad to see you're making progress on it. I got my first 510 when I was only a few years older than you, and still have it some 20+ years later. Like I said, try to get it running and driving, and make small improvements as you go. Otherwise it snowballs into a never-ending project.
  5. If you look at the lower front of the cylinder, it has flash guards, and they are on both sides to keep you from burning your arm. Do you really think they'd be stupid enough to manufacture a gun that would burn each and every user?
  6. I doubt it, because your .410 is made specifically for the .410 shells and not rifled. The Judge on the other hand is designed for the .45LC, which is larger in diameter than the .410. Plus, I don't know how the chamber pressures would work in your .410 shotgun. However, I just got this yesterday. It's the Circuit Judge. A rifle version of the Judge pistol, and will indeed take both the .410 and .45LC. It's a wonderfull gun to hold as well, *very* comfortable. I like non-mainstream guns.
  7. The VG33 is a gas hog, and not very powerful (l unless it's in a 510). It is frickin bulletproof though. The KA24DE is a great engine, regardless of where it was manufactured. The VQ40DE is also an excellent engine. I owned a 1998 Frontier with the KA, and currently have a 2006 crew cab 2wd with the VQ40. My 2006 is the best vehicle I've ever owned, by far. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat without thinking about it. I haven't heard anything bad about the QR25's either, but the 4.0 is where it's at.
  8. Dash mat. Then slather it with baby oil every now and then, it keeps it supple. Seriously.
  9. Speaking of old guns, the oldest one I have is an 1896 30-40 Krag. Left to me when my grandfather passed away. It's a really sweet shooter, and the bolt action is frickin amazing, especially for it being 118 years old. Lucky for me they still make ammo for it, although it can be tricky to find. The recoil is not pleasant, even though it's only a 30-40. The bullets/casings are huge though, way bigger than the 30-40 size would lead you to believe. From left-to-right, 44-40, 45LC, 7.2x39, 30-40. So even though "on paper" the 30-40 should be smaller than the 44-40, it really dwarfs it in comparison. Probably why the recoil is so bad. It's a good 30% larger than the AK round as well. They didn't mess around with regular issue army rifles back then. None of this puny .223 stuff they use now.
  10. The things is, that it will take almost as much work to put in an L-series, as it would a modern engine like a KA24DE. You'll have to do motor and transmission mount swaps, driveshaft mods, probable tunnel mods for the shifters, etc, for both of them. The only extra is the efi wiring for the KA (or any modern engine). Not worth putting in another old engine, if a little more work could get you a MUCH better motor. The problem you'll run into with both the L and KA, is space. The 520 is shorter than the 521, so even the L-series is a tight fit. You'll want to make motor mounts that get the engine as far back as humanly possible. Notching the firewall would be beneficial, and well worth the time for something like a KA. Easy to do, and gets you a lot of much needed space. Disregard my first post, I was thinking 521. The 520 had the J-series, which is stupid hard to find parts for. I know, I had 2 of them. Finding simple things can be impossible. There's no way I'd keep one in there if I was toying with the idea of an engine swap. I mean really, go to your local parts store and see if they even have one single part for the J-series. You'll end up searching forklift suppliers for parts, and even then it's really hard because the engine is so old, most parts they carry are for more modern motors. I've been down that road and it sucks, bad.
  11. Whats your skill level? If you want a reliable truck that you can easily daily drive on the freeway, put in a newer fuel injected motor. The problem you have is space in a 521's engine compartment, it's small. Sure the old L-series *can* be a reliable motor, but a modern engine will be *more*reliable. Plus, if it does break, you can get parts for a modern engine at any parts store anywhere. Parts for the L-series are getting hard to find. A KA24DE is a great motor, and parts are available anywhere.
  12. The story said that many new guns don't have normal safetys anymore, due to the preferences of shooters these days. They instead rely on strong trigger pulls. As for it being locked and loaded, a LOT of people who carry do this. This is nothing new or surprising. I have a concealed carry permit. If someone grabs you, you aren't going to have time to use both hands to chamber a round, and you might as well be carrying a paperweight. I have two guns with *extremely* light trigger pulls. One is My Taurus PT140, and the other is my Uberti .45 S&W revolver. With the Uberti, the slightest pull fires the round. The Taurus is slightly heavier, but easily the second lightest pull I own. But even with the Uberti, you'd still have to cock it, which is not something a 2yr old could do. With the taurus on the other hand, it's striker fired, so if a round was chambered, a 2yr old could *easily* fire a round, no question. Personally I LOVE the light trigger pull of the Taurus and the striker. Love it. BUT, it's not something to have around kids. So I wouldn't go to say she was a bad mother for letting her kid shoot her dead, just because she was trying to protect herself and her kids, but it's a really crap circumstance that it happened. Had she either not had a gun, or not had it chambered, they would have been more vulnerable to attack, rape, abduction, etc. So there's two bad sides to the coin here. She would have been better off with a regular safety (or using one if it had one), a stronger trigger pull, a decocker, or a revolver.
  13. The 510 didn't come with a proportioning valve. On top of that, most brake setups don't need one. I'd bet that 3/4's of the guys out there that have one installed, don't need it. Good for the track when you're constantly driving at the limit, but that's about it. So if your car does have one that someone installed, there's a good chance you don't even need it. I pulled mine out after realizing it wasn't necessary, and I have a highly modified brake setup.
  14. Serious advise here. Gets old seeing people butcher cars just to fit a set of wheels. Worst of all is that your 510 will never have enough power to warrant 9 inch wide wheels. I have a VG34E and my 8 inch wheels are more than enough. There's plenty of options out there for nice looking wheels without cutting up the car.
  15. Not to be a jerk, but usually the people who ask these questions don't have the skills/tools to accomplish the task. It's not a drop in type of deal, there will be a lot of fabrication involved. They're awesome engines though if you can do it. As datzenmike mentioned, you should post up your abilities and what tools you have. Do you have a welder, and know how to use it *well*? Things like motor and transmission mounts are not something you want to screw up with crap welds. On the other hand you may be a great fabricator, but we just don't know. Knowing your skill level will help the rest of us guide you through the work, or maybe help you find a swap that's more in line with your skill level.
  16. I've seen that at more than one Walmart as well. One was just a couple months ago, but they were cars from the late 1990's and early 2000's.I think someone decides to return a 15 year old box of Hotwheels. That, or they stumbled on a case that was hidden in a corner somewhere.
  17. For me personally, it boils down to a couple things: 1) I get soo tired of seeing people encourage and congratulate others who have (or want to) perform horribly stupid acts/ideas to their cars. The amount of encouraged dumb ideas blows me away. Even though the number of people encouraging these stupid ideas is probably rather small, it makes the group as a whole look like a bunch of idiots who don't have a clue what they're doing. You don't find this on sites like The realm, which is why 510 guys use that site for "real" technical help for the 510's. This is why I never ask for technical help on here, although I will still give solid adice to correct some of the dumb recommendations. 2) The other is the high school attitude. Not enough professionalism, too much bitching, too much flaming, and in general very little respect for fellow members. Look at how often topics get locked, the frequency is ridiculous. If you don't have anything nice to say, keep your mouth shut. If people could grow up it would make a massive difference. I'm sure this will piss some people off, but these are the reasons I don't come on and post even remotely as much as I used to. It's also one of the reasons I was one of the guys who started my own forum. We don't have these problems on our site.
  18. Yep. I kinda did the same thing. Got rid of the majority of my collection, and now just concentrate on Datsuns, Nissans, and other special models.
  19. Well, I was talking about 510 stuff, so the tail lenses and front marker lights that go just below the grille. Scooter stuff shows the mexican re-pops, they look ok, but you have to be real careful to center them so the bolt cut-outs don't show past the metal frame. They can easily slide around due to the bad fit, and if they're off center a little bit it's pretty obvious. It's almost like they cast the original parts, and then either the mold or the final parts cooled and shrank. They don't look horrible, but like I said earlier, it's really bad quality. The one thing they do have going for them is that they are new, look nice new and shiny, and are affordable. The 510 front markers aren't even made in a similar fashion than the originals. The backings are very cheap crap plastic, with cast plastic bulb holders, and don't remotely fit the shape of the front end. I bought a set of the "euro" ones to convert to LED, so I was ok screwing them up to get what I wanted. There's also no gasket between the back and lens. I never did try fitting the lenses on stock 510 backs, because I don't have any euro backs, but that may be a viable option. I had to cut off the plastic bulb holders and put in real ones that would actually work:
  20. The Mexican 510 lights are almost junk. I have the front marker lights and tail lenses. The fronts are really cheaply made, and not canted to match the angle of the body. The tail lenses are about 5% too small all the way around. They fit, but not quite correctly. For the money they are ok, since they're really cheap, but they're nowhere near the quality of the real things.
  21. How bad is the rust on the roof? Is the roof bent down the center? It's a really odd rust pattern, that looks serious in the middle. This will make a huge difference in price. If the roof is bad and needs replacement, the car isn't worth much at all, because replacing it is serious work. If the roof is ok, the car is probably worth $800 tops. That's a really odd swap for an engine. Probably done when the car was much younger.
  22. That's a great price. If I had extra money floating around I'd get one just to hold onto.
  23. What the heck happened to the gas tank!?!? One side looks burnt, and the other looks corroded. Here's my advice for you: Don't worry about the looks right now, and don't bother to paint it. Fix the mechanicals, get it drivable, and get it out on the road. Then fix little things as you go along, but always keep it drivable. If you try to do too much at once, it will end up as a non-usable project sitting in the yard. Trust me on that one. The ratty look is in right now anyways, so nobody is going to give you crap about the looks anyways. Work on the interior and engine as your budget allows. Then, some years down the line, fix the rust and have it painted.....but make sure you have *everything* you need *before* you strip it down for paint. I've been around 510's a long time, and owned many. Feel free to pm me any questions.
  24. Yeh, places like Family Dollar, Dollar General, 99 cent store, and Dollar Tree all carry Hotwheels. The selection is usually very limited, if they haven't sold out. But I've found a few cars at these places.
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