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  1. Thanks guys!! Looking into all ^ these options. Do you think my air compressor is powerful enough? I have this one: https://www.harborfreight.com/air-tools-compressors/air-compressors-tanks/21-gallon-175-psi-oil-free-vertical-air-compressor-64858.html
  2. Hey guys… A tool question? I’ve been struggling with getting a few bolts LOOSE (on smaller semi’s), not my Datsun. I’m running a Harbor Freight 175psi, 1.5HP, 20 gallon oilless air compressor. Along with THESE Husky air tools (v). I’m having a problem with power! Where this setup would be “ok” for some applications, it DEFINITELY doesn’t loosing the bolts on my semi frame. Does someone have a suggestion in what I should run? Specifically, how can I get enough power to loosen larger bolts? Thanks!!
  3. Hey there. I was hoping to get an eye on a commercial truck I am planning on buying (unfortunately not a Datsun). I’d like to get it looked at: asap. I’ll throw $20 your way. I’m located in the Denver metro area, and a truck I’m close to buying is in Livermore, CA. Would somebody be willing to go out to: 542 McGraw Ave, Livermore, CA 94551 Please DM me. Or you can email me at: bluebird510@yahoo.com Thanks, Todd
  4. Eddy67, where are you located?

    1. Eddy67


      I am in California the car is on ontario canada

  5. This is disgusting. Absolutely stunning! Sooooooooo jelly! Awesome build man.
  6. Yeah, I'm on LinkedIn. Denver is fierce these days, it's getting tough & tough(er) to live here (cost of living, competition etc.). Gigs I apply for, 350-550 applicunts for 1 position. I've been looking—what seems like f o r e v e r.
  7. Does anyone in the Oceanside/ Carlsbad,,, even San Diego area have connections? I’d like to relocate/move from Denver. I’m in the creative industry & I know how to code (front end). Any steering and/or advice I’d greatly appreciate! Thanks
  8. Better yet, how can they call that "white" haha! Also, HTF does it have CA plates!? :rofl: Beautiful car but it would have been better in the original color. Not sure what to make of the screwdriver handle gearshift "knob" : )
  9. Haha, funny link! Here’s the real link: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-datsun-510-ka24pwwwr/
  10. The car is worth 15k, tops! Bwwahhahahahhahh
  11. Hory Sheet!!! 90k of dicks in butts. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/cto/d/1969-datsun-510-v8/6414371343.html
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