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  1. 10psitx

    1981 Ka 210 build

    Thanks for contacting me, i'm checking on shipping cost...if any Ratsun members can help with a shipping company, it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.
  2. 10psitx

    1981 Ka 210 build

    PM Sent. thanks.
  3. 10psitx


    Just read all 16 pages....really good work man...impressive actually. Thanks for sharing!!
  4. 10psitx

    510 question

    John, this thread contains soem pics of the car we spoke about, please take a look and let me know of you need more pics. thanks.!
  5. 10psitx

    First car! 1982 datsun 120y

    Josh, call me bud...need to grab the seats.
  6. 10psitx

    First car! 1982 datsun 120y

    I Got just the right spacers for you, both front and rear...
  7. 10psitx

    First car! 1982 datsun 120y

    Josh shoot me a text, i got a new phone and lost some of the contacts....and the front and rear splined shank are the same- as is the thread pitch, Nissan Quest studs will work fine. What rims are you going with?
  8. 10psitx

    First car! 1982 datsun 120y

    I'm really glad the car went back to you, i'll try to drop by this weekend some time to grab the seats....and get a ride in the car!! :thumbup:
  9. 10psitx

    First car! 1982 datsun 120y

    The car has been sold back to the Person i bought it from, i asked him to post progress here when he gets going on it.
  10. 10psitx

    First car! 1982 datsun 120y

    I dropped the car off at my buddys house last Friday, he will renove the engine/tranny and front cross member/suspension....updates to come!
  11. 10psitx

    First car! 1982 datsun 120y

    project put on hold for a while, its being stored in the back parking lot at my job hopefully i can get back to it in a month or so.
  12. 10psitx

    Project rb25det 810

    i have one in the 210 section it was started by my son but he dropped the build when i bought him the s14 240sx. the car is on a trailer in the parking lot at my job, i have too much projects going on at the moment.
  13. 10psitx

    Project rb25det 810

    That is the MAN self!
  14. 10psitx

    Project rb25det 810

    yea, i had a 330 cedric/260c rearend in it with a Nissan Teranno LSD diff. The rear end lenghtned the track of the 120 so the wheels was flush with the body. i had the mount points swapped between the banjos by a guy in Charliville. i used the 260 drum brakes and all the stock 120 lines and ebrake cables bolt up to it it was 5lug in de back and 4lug up front. i have a bunch of pics of it if you interested.. This was for the one i did home, the one i doing here will get a shortened ford rearend from a 95 Explorer, those have mechanical positraction diff with discs brakes, the front getting converted to full S13 180sx front suspension and 300zx brakes, stock SR20DET untill everything is running and functioning as it should then i'm gonna do a mild 400whp bolt on build.
  15. 10psitx

    Project rb25det 810

    Do either of you know a guy from point who had a turbo Lancer (box type rwd)?

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