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Old skyline/C10 barn find

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I'm not sure if you pay or what the deal is exactly, but the owner won't sell anything!!!:mad:

Ok then the guy has O.C.D [obsessive compulsive disorder] IE wont sell anything. Hed rather have all those cars sink into the earth rather than let a few go to be restored....just seems bizarre to me !

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Suprised he doesn't sell some of the scrap pieces and make a fortune.


A friend was telling me about some guy out in idaho who has a HUGE yard filled with cars for no reason what so ever. Supposedly hes going to let the "jap crap" disolve in to the ground... Some pretty weird people out there..



In my area the county is cracking down on this "car hording" which is good because they end up in yards for parts but also bad because some of the yards don't even let people touch the car before it gets crushed. :mad:

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Whats with all the crappy american cars?? lol


That yellow car on the cuda looks like a subaru 360 :D I'd putt around in that thing!



Those probably belonged to U.S. Military personel who sold or crashed their cars overseas and they ended uo in this guys back yard.


For a second I thought I was looking at someones yard in any rurual town in Wa.:D

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