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  1. Rusty

    Billy Bob Custom's Datsun NL320

    Now I remember this truck... It was mine and Beebani's Lol It's been awhile. I'm glad someone has it.
  2. Rusty

    The Chronicles of Jake Hollow

    Page .3 is up now....
  3. The Chronicles of Jake Hollow "The fictitious story of a 24 year old MiniTrucker! ... His friends his truck and a bunch of drama. All wrapped up in one small town!" http://jakehollow.blogspot.com/ This is my new favorite! ~RUSTY
  4. Rusty

    Lets Talk Fatties!

    OH ,you guys are talking about wheels & tires huh? oops, my bad :blink:
  5. Rusty

    my new truck

  6. Rusty

    SR521 Build Thread - 808 Style!

    Truck is meen bra. Mine stay on the mainland...unfinished.:mad: maybe I'll have the Altered Motives guys finish'm:eek: k den!
  7. I saw this painting today in a bank in Lahaina Maui... There are a few Datsun owners here.:cool:
  8. Rusty

    Things your Datsun truck would say

    "I see how you are... :mellow: Promise me the world.... Gave me a new KA engine... new wheels & Tires.... ...all that suspension work to lay my ass down; :cool: Then, all our dates stopped?:fu: ...you stopped calling? :rolleyes: Whats wrong? :confused: Are you mad at me?:mad: I Think you should find a shop that will help you finish me up?;) Its not my fault you moved back to Hawaii and left me in storage?! :blink: Maybe we should see other people?:eek:
  9. Rusty

    Hawaiian NL

    ...why would you want to put my wheels on your truck? :eek::fu::blink::lol::D .....and thats where you are at right, Maui? ...it's all good:) The Wheels are centerline smoothies maybe I'll sell them to you when I get home:blink:
  10. Rusty

    Hawaiian NL

    Thanks guys. This is only solidifies the move home. I doubt I'll be driving to Hana in the NL... But I'll be cruise'n around town eventually. Lets not forget, it needs a few more grand, plus now shipping for anything i cant find now is double to Hawaii. Thankfully Its not a resto. although I'm dreading finally needing a windsheild $400.00 plus shipping,then hope its not cracked when it gets there?:lol: aye Ainokea... I going home bah:fu:
  11. Rusty

    Hawaiian NL

    Shootz cas!
  12. Rusty

    Hawaiian NL

    There WAS a VW squareback that a guy turned into a truck, and it was like an NL320's sister or somthing? I tried to find the craigslist but its gone now but... Here is a similar idea tho... Yea, love veedubs too. My Nl320 covers the bases for me...until i find a ragtop:cool: to park next to the truck! here is one of my favs.
  13. Rusty

    Hawaiian NL

    Well, Its been a long time coming but me and the wifey have finally decided to go back to my home in Hawaii (Lahaina, Maui) I have had a rocky road for the past 18 months and almost sold her a few times (the truck, not the wife) So...I'm taking the unfinished NL project with me. :cool: most of you have seen all these pictures but here is a quick timeline... this was day one. then back to stock then a call to Beebani Customs :D for a one-off rear frame, custom upper and lower control arms and fit the ka24e in the hole. So now it will finally dry out, and live out its years in the sun.... ~Aloha I'll keep you posted:fu:

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