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    83 Maxima 2x79-210(sedan&goon) 74 620 Custom, 57 Chrysler Imperial
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    Mostly Wierd Stuff!
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    Beating Heart Disease!

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  1. Miss you Dave, thought of you during this weekends shenanigans. 🙂

    1. datzenmike


      Still owe you for delivering the R-1 carbs to Canby, Dave. Catch ya next time.

    2. Logical1


      Think of him every time I drive or wrench on my Datsuns. Also whenever I get involved in hijinx, So pretty much all the time! One of a kind no doubt!

    3. Logical1
  2. https://youtu.be/U35sceKNWRI
  3. I owe you a punch now....
  4. I can host a BBQ..... Puyallup/Tacoma area.....
  5. Pumpkn210

    Goon Build

    Well photobucket is not letting me upload video for some reason... but the GooN now has air bags in the rear. It hops up off the ground when over 100psi is applied!
  6. I just re-rescued this car, again... for the third time...
  7. It was from the S.I.D.E. club, and I'm keeping it!
  8. Pumpkn210

    Goon Build

    So happy to have her back and on the road!
  9. Pumpkn210

    Goon Build

    It's factory four link in the rear so I put cut early model 510 rear springs in it and the from has cut coils and raised strut towers...
  10. Pumpkn210

    Goon Build

    Sold her to a friend like 4 years ago...
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