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  1. Did you tell him about your failure? If so, what happened?
  2. Idler pulley, man smoke could be a handful of things. If you're a Lost fan it's the smoke monster.. I would say that you have a small valve cover leak that's getting on the exhaust and burning off after the engine heats up. Idling rough because it needs a tune up and a good "once over" to check for broken/cracked hoses, functioning emission valves, distributor, gasoline, oil, filters and so on.
  3. Aftermath pictures of the oil pan contents:
  4. Here is someone that bought from Datsun Parts LLC and had nothing but troubles and no customer/technical support: Datsun Parts LLC Engine Purchase Zero tech support and zero customer support. Hope that helps your decision to buy or not! :blink:
  5. I suppose first off, did you take the distributor off? If so, make sure you didn't install it 180 degrees out. If not, check the ignition timing with a timing light. If you set the timing make sure you disconnect the vacuum advance and plug it. If it checks out then it sounds like the carb needs adjustment. Check all the vacuum lines, make sure the mix screw isn't way out of adjustment and make sure the choke is properly set. Forgot, if you are confident that you set the float at the correct height, check it again!
  6. He used to have a real nice red 411 with oregon plates on it. I'm sure it sold, been over a year ago..
  7. What's a 66 411 going for these days? Lil rusty, straight body, original?

    1. danfiveten


      Ive seen them go from anywhere on craigslist of 1000-2500 in that kind of shape.Ive seen decent ones with paint going for around 3k that are daily driver status. And perfect ones going for 4-6k. My wife really wants one lol but she also wants a roadster...id rather build a 411 cuz i fit in them.

    2. MikeRL411


      Go on-line. www.nadaguides.com/Classic-cars/1966/Nissan-Datsun/411/4-Door-Sedan/Values and see what the dealer info is.

  8. didn't notice the casting number either, I have ADDhdhahdhdhdhahhh... lol.. I'm unfortunately familiar with them, since I had a mix up with an ebay seller.. 22r has square ports, 20r has round ports!
  9. 20r toyota. ;) Wanna sell?
  10. jefe de jefes +1 He just sold me some lights for my wagon and snuck in a copy of the dime quarterly! Shipping from CA to TN = < 2 days!! Funny thing is I bought a distributor from MA and it's supposed to take 6 days.. Thank you USPS!!! Thanks again for doing business!!
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