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I got Burned!

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I know about buyer seller feed back and its usually just possitive stuff. well some shitbag from ratsun just screwed me out of parts and cash! So this can be avoided in the future or so creedler bastards like moises cruz can be avoided next time.


so the deal was i was selling my carbs a while back for 6 hundy. they cost like 1200 new and i made a deal for 300 bucks plus a set of su's for my b210 to get it back on the road. and this asshole contacts me on ratsun but the conversation was had over facebook. the little shit drives a lime green 1200 and lives at the following adress. > {mod edit}

i google maped the house and there was a 510 in the driveway. i recieved the check for 300 cashed it and things were dandy. i was easy going and let the guy keep the carbs til he could get a manifold made for them casue they were on his daily. after a bunch of lost in shipping bullshit etc i notice the asshole had deleted me form his facebook page and is ignoring my texts. how can i get this guy and my carbs without the psyco killer 18 hour drive to california? cause i either need more money or that set of carbs. i have been giving him the benifit of the doubt on this for way to long. anyone in the are who might run into him on one of the meets? if something can be worked out i would gladly compensate someone for their efforts in helping out. im pissed and want to drive down knock on the door and get my carbs one way or another. the girlfriend thinks this is a bit irrational and crazy but she is about to leave for 2 weeks to poland and thats my window of opertunity.


is this guy familiar with anyone on here?


again name is moises cruz adress is {mod edit} and his cell number is {mod edit}


he drives a neon green 15 datsun 1200.


thanks for any news info or help


A REAL ratsun member. not some conman from california,



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One HUGE thing to remember, NEVER post personal information on a public thread. You just made Ratsun liable if anything happens to this dude. He, or someone who knows him, can turn around and say "So and so got his address off of Ratsun.net and beat the shit out of him."


Everything else you posted is okay, although you should probably delete his last name as well.

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i tried to track down more info but couldnt come up with much. i dont wish any harm upon the guy and would like to make that known. im not happy over this one. i cant find anything about him on ratsun but im bad at search anyways. his car account was from 2007 he had a few hundred posts and i want to say a positive rep so i figured the deal would be good. i dont know whats up but things went south. i know for a fact thats his car there are pictures of him by it. he is a bigger sized guy who was into starwars from what i could tell. sound familiar yet?

i know i replied to a post of his under a thread someplace about the carbs and i want to say his name was how i looked him up on facebook. i added him btw becasue the chat on their is easier for me to use. the browser on my gf's comp wont let me message

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You shady bastards!!!

Stay out of my forum!


Mike already cleaned up all the drama Sunday!



I hope you get what you deserve Rally.

I hope this little dickless fuck gets what he deserves!

I hate thieves. Disease infested lil' fuckin maggot!

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Last post on datsun1200.com was april 1st.




He leaves his facebook profile pics open, he is the tubby guy on the left




He does appear to be a star wars fan




I'll take the neutral ground, but if this guy did rip you off, it's worth confronting him or going through one of his friends to make him come good on the deal.

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This is unfortunate but posts like this turn ugly when there is only one side represented. It's imaterial if he likes Star Wars or act out his fantacies. There are other ratsun members that do the same. I'm also not keen on posting his info either incase someone should act on it. Keep comments to a minimum.


It is duely noted that you had bad dealings with this person and other members are warned.

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hmm, did wonder why the guy changed his username, as he was in good standing before this?


agree with d.m., we should give this guy a chance to tell his side of the story


and if it turns out he's been a bad boy, just talk to his dad. he will set him straight ;)

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