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  1. I'm located in Australia. At the time Mike was only making welded caliper brackets which are no legal to run in Australia. Other factors - I wanted to test myself and try to make something locally work. It had been done successfully on B10's, so stood to reason it MAY work on a P410 with minor adjustments. - The discs and calipers used by Mike aren't readily available here, so to avoid problems and part availability down the road, I used common local parts. - I like learning and improving, so this was a great way to use my problem solving skills to work it out. Have had a couple of test drives and this combo works really well. I'm probably in it for approx $450 AUD including a dual brake master, which is pretty good, plus I learnt a heap. WORTH NOTING - Mikes work is second to none, and I would have probably bought his CNC'ed brackets and full kit if they were available at the time I did this.
  2. A SSS 411 wagon is like the holy grail. Envious!
  3. They didn't buy a bedford, that remark they made about a bedford is because they have been watching The Skid Factory in Australia where they are putting a 4.0L 6 cylinder turbo barra engine in a bedford van.
  4. This is currently my favourite 510 on the planet.
  5. If you are tied to keeping it original, maybe look at a MGB 1.8L engine engine as a replacement. They are basically identical to a J series but have a lot of aftermarket support for mods.
  6. Pedro

    BMW Engine Swap

    Has taken me 6 years to get a J15 into my 410 bluebird and you are doing a conversion every 6 months! awesome work.
  7. Hell yeah, how are you going for sump clearance with steering & crossmember etc? Any chance of a picture down there?
  8. The brakes work! Well, I attempted to drive my car out of it's grave and up my steep driveway, made it halfway before running out of fuel :( But the good news is I didn't roll back off a cliff, which means the brakes work. One thing I would do differently is if I was to re-do it, that is to mount the caliper at the rear instead of the front, as it just touches the top suspension arm at full lock. Not a big deal at this point, but I can always change it around if I need to, would only need the holes adjusted on the caliper bracket, re-do the metal line etc. But pedal seemed firm, even without having adjusted the rear drums properly. Didn't even seem that hard a push considering I'm not running a booster. But will see if that changes once I'm stopping the car at speed. I'll spam some pics below since Photobucket are allowing free hosting again for the moment. New studs, might change them to later model threads if I get around to it (and shorter ones) New Brake lines off ebay, around $60 AUD delivered All back together and on wheels (with my young guys behind the wheel). When it made it halfway up the driveway! This was 2 weeks ago. First time it has moved under it's own power since at least 1993, which was the last registration sticker on the car when I got it. Car had no engine and a stuffed gearbox, now runs a J15 from a 620 with a 3 speed column shift manual from a early 410 sedan.
  9. Clutch master you can use one off a 510 as they are the same and plentiful. Slave is a bit more difficult, worth looking to see if a Datsun SP311 replacement part is the same.
  10. Thanks buddy! Yep understand, just pricing up the components separately first as my budget is low. It may work out cheaper to buy them directly which I might do, but before that happens I wouldn't waste his time calling if I wasn't planning on buying at that point. I do have other T3 parts on my car, but for this one wanted to cobble something together myself.
  11. These look amazing quality, great that people with Datsun love and overseas resources are able to get these re-manufactured at a good price point vs quality.
  12. tbh they look like the ae86 short stroke rears.
  13. Any part numbers listed on them? It's likely it would still work out cheaper to just buy them direct rather than piece together. But i like the hard way for some reason if I can learn along the way.
  14. Man you can tell this is one of the first, because the very first 510's didn't come with a breather on the rocker cover. Awesome car & well worth the resto. 68 for life.
  15. Yep understood, but want check the length so I can price up adjustable ones over here, then buy the sleeves and make a top hat to hold the spring.
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