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  1. nis720

    rebuilding z24

    KA24E and Z24 share the same bolt pattern for the exhaust flange. The KA ports are round and the Z ports are square and colser together. When I did the KA swap in my 720 I resued the Z headers and it worked fine. There is a little interference between the ports but it works.
  2. New motor came with an OBDII timing cover. The distributor mounts are different. Good thing i didn't send it out to get done.
  3. Try other 240sx forums like zilvia.net or nico. Thanks man, not making nearly as much progress as i would want but that's life. All I keep getting are previews of what will be.
  4. I redid the harness a few years ago and this is what it looked like after I stripped all the wires I didn't need and replaced the main plugs with Deutsch connectors.
  5. I found it easier to get a 240sx engine harness (it's seperate from the body harness) and spliced in the 2 main connectors using the SR20 conversion diagrams for reference. Since I also had a 240sx fuse box I took the plugs and the Main ECU relay and Fuel pump relay. As far as the tach, temp and MIL light you'll find those wires on the smaller plug near the ECU.
  6. Wires??? we don't need no stinkin wires
  7. I'm in love with that engine bay. :thumbup:
  8. Nothing wrong, just upgraded to a different trans that could handle the power my current setup is making. It was rebuilt a few months before I pulled it out. It is for sale.... Pm me.
  9. Nice truck.... I have the transmission you need.
  10. They were custom pistons.... but I don't think they were suited for my application after talking to my old engine builder. He said the next set would be a better casting.
  11. Fresh new intake Carnage of the hurt motor.... piston #1 missing a chunk and #3 showing signs of damage too. Guess that explains the low numbers on the dyno.
  12. On the radiator hoses I went 16AN. The hose is flexible, but not much. I still have to mock up the intake on the truck and see what fitting I need to make it work. On the heater core hoses I'm going with 10AN with bulkhead fittings on the firewall.
  13. Doing the long overdue repairs to the front wheels. Adding an extra inch to the front wheels and changing offset.
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