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  1. No...I asked for a purpose. Just because the lot isnt there doesnt change where it was. I have a customer that has a friend if the family that had a lot in that area. Wanted to know if it was the same lot.
  2. Where is this lot? Do you know who owns / owned it?
  3. Darin.... what was the name of the place? A customer of mine has a family friend in that area that owns / owned a lot like that.
  4. Hey....where was that yard I got the wagon from?

    1. MikeRL411


      If you don't know, how the hell do you expecr someone else to know ?

  5. Like the one on the bottom??
  6. That doesnt help..thats HID colors. I'm asking about the Halo ring. I looked on their site and didn't see it. I saw the 2 different types of Halos but no mention of colors. "modern" halos can mean a lot of things, there are so many different types and styles from solid single color to pixel controlled RGB set ups....
  7. Shot gun and a wather CCP. Just starting my collection. Getting ready to do my 1st build on a AR platform. Son has a cricket .22 rifle.
  8. huh? I didn't see it posted in the 1st post...figured that would have all the info. Did I miss it?
  9. holy shit..143 pages... I got through 14 and skipped. I love AZ and her gun laws..... Its real interesting to see how people from outside the US see our rights. It's also interesting to see how their countries are.
  10. Ben, Will there be a Amber option for the halos?
  11. They ready to purchase, I just want to find out about the center console. From the photos is looks like they are both the same shape. I just want to list them correctly. But if you want one, you can paypal $20 to Sales@acrylicconceptions.com and in the NOTE TO SELLER put down what its for and I'll get it made and out to you. and to be clear, I'm NOT asking anyone to send as a gift, send it as goods & services.
  12. Cool. They look nice. I'll be able to make some with switches and what not. Similar to my Chevy and Dodge stuff. These light up at night.
  13. Thats the plan. I just want to make sure I list it properly. If they fit the floor console I'd like to list them for that too.
  14. i'm not worried about the tabs, more so the physical size of it. What I did was make a couple delete plates and if they are the same size physically, I'd like to list them correctly. I don't have access to a 620 floor console. 620 delete plate I made (TOP is OEM) 510 Insert I made
  15. From what I've seen it just depends on the mood you're in when you post them for sale. I'm interested though.
  16. both g26 and g26a are NON locking from what I've seen.... STANT couldn't tell me when I asked.
  17. Are the inserts fro the Radio panel and the floor console panel the same? The black part delete plate that says "Datsun"....
  18. Save it.... or sell it to someone who will. 1 owner cars are hard to find. I'm the 2nd owner of mine. All original and #'s matching under 15k miles. You just don't see them any more.
  19. Anyone know what the difference between the G26 and G26A is?
  20. This one popped up in Phx https://phoenix.craigslist.org/cph/pts/5375563896.html
  21. Chris...whats new with the 4dr?
  22. Bigg E....post some photos please. I'm still not sure exactly what I have.
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