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  1. Hardwyre

    The Gremlin: Magnetic kill switch

    Jesus I need to stop stop coming here. Stupid house and all its damn maintenance and people and stuff. HI!
  2. Hardwyre


    Totally glad to see that he spent a metric fuckload of time making his gusset have a pretty little logo carefully cut into it, but couldn't be bothered to not have his welds not look like failure bait and dead babies. Also, holy shit, finally something hanging off of the back that is more stupid than the truck nuts.
  3. Hardwyre

    BC to Canby? Plan on some extra time...

    That bridge has been janky as shit forever.
  4. Hardwyre

    Junk Yards make me angry

    Watched a shithead through a brake rotor through a perfectly good 70's BMW windshield because he was being a bitch about a bolt breaking and him busting a knuckle. Fuck that; waved down one of the yard monkeys and enjoyed the temper tantrum when they threw him out.
  5. Hardwyre

    25 worthless posts so I can post ad

    Jesus. One hour in a Tits or GTFO, or the Insomniacs thread would pull him a 100+ posts, but nooooo, Pikachu is too good for that.
  6. Hardwyre

    25 worthless posts so I can post ad

    Donate plasma, sell shit to neighbors, cut out your addictions, cut back on expenses, ask people if they need chores done, etc, etc, etc. But don't come into someone else's house and be a prick.
  7. Hardwyre

    Find Hardwyre an avatar?

    Ahh, sneaky bastards posted a blank gif over the top of the actual image. Ad Blocked it out and now we have...
  8. Hardwyre

    Find Hardwyre an avatar?

    Like this one? http://static.quickmeme.com/media/social/qm.gif
  9. Hardwyre

    Find Hardwyre an avatar?

    Ooh! I'm liking the space invader birds. This also got FB'd to me.
  10. Hardwyre

    Find Hardwyre an avatar?

    I keep trying to find one I like, but I get distracted and forget to grab them. So, anyone want to help fix this problem? Are animated avatars no longer an option as well?
  11. Hardwyre

    Car Art By Spoona_Jay21

    Shit. I've love to see what you can do when you're not just drawing shit because you hate free time. :)
  12. Hardwyre

    Ricer Sightings

    That dude must really have something against being able to park conveniently.
  13. Hardwyre

    The Gremlin: Magnetic kill switch

    Yep. Computer went down and I was house shopping and working so I had side lined a few things; but all the sudden a was getting a resurgence of interest in this. I'm going to redesign the board to be simpler to put together, and I would imagine simpler to install (thinking of eliminating the tiny screw terminals which may be a pain in the ass trying to articulate under a dash and instead just use straight wiring to the board).
  14. Thanks man! Let me know what you thought of the ideas I replied to you with.
  15. Hardwyre

    Windshield and hatch seals on a 280Z

    They come to you? Hmm.. Anyone know anyone in the Vancouver area who could do this?

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