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DATSUN HOTWHEELS (and some other ones)

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3 hours ago, KELMO said:

Scored the Team Transports myself the other day. I was thinking the odds of seeing those on the shelf around here were about eleventybillion to one.


Every time I have looked for them I always ask someone who works there to scan the card for me and see if they might have more. Sometimes they say not, that is all we have on the pegs or they will check in the back, and most often than not, they will come out with some for me to buy! 



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10 hours ago, Draker said:

I found the VW transporter. Anyone want to trade for one of the other transporters?


Sadly that is the one set that is going to be all too common. The cases come with one Skyline and one Laurel set, but two VW sets. So there is a surplus of the VW. Trust me, I have two I would like to get rid of. 

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I found 2 of these the other day...




(pic borrowed due to still not setting up new hosting for myself)



Seeing that I don't have any real like for the Z-cars, I only bought them to post here in case some of you wanted/needed them.  Due to the time of day offset,  I'd like to put one on hold in case any Aussies want one. 


So for now, first person to PM me for it with the best reason (arbitrarily decided by me of course) they deserve it and their address will receive it as soon as I can ship it out.


Oh, I'll be out of town for the weekend so all PM's, if any actually arrive, will be read on Monday evening.

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