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  1. Eh...Just really monitoring the basics. Fuel, Oil, Water, Volts, Boost, and A/FR
  2. I think it is just the angle of the photo. It is a regular 73 620 with a bit of work done to the bed. The tie down hooks on the bed were removed and the sides blended to match the lines of the doors for a smoother finish down the length of the truck.
  3. Yes Oliver...he is the one that sells the modified alternators for Datsuns. Have been trying to get in touch with him for a while now and no luck. Just wondering if anyone has heard from him recently???
  4. Have reached out to him a few times in the past month but have not heard back from him. Just wondering if anyone has been in touch with him recently. Thanks
  5. Nice work man...and great video. Keep on it and can't wait to see where you take it. I built my carb turbo set-up about 5 years ago...still going strong.
  6. I used the conical ET. Not difficult to find...Ordered mine from a local wheel shop.
  7. Good week for the Gift Packs One with the White Z One with the Orange Z One with the Roadster and one with the Black 620 that also has a blue celica A couple of decent other cars in there as well...
  8. I got lucky on those...The day I went was the last day of the offer out here.
  9. Thank you...That is my son's truck
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