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  1. ^^^^Their new shit suck donkey dicks. Some stuff I’ve been listening to lately Much better than the original
  2. If I had a truck to take apart and redo the back of the cab and front of the bed would get the same treatment as the rest of it. Saw this about 2 hours ago
  3. I’ve seen all of the open track cars, except the damn skyline. I have rounded these up Saw this but passed on it
  4. Look at the postimage & Ratsun thread that is pinned near the top of the first page in the general section. I posted a how to in detail.
  5. If you have an iPhone look at the postimage thread pinned at the top of the general section.
  6. The amount of 510’s in my town has now doubled as I have 2. Spotted these about 500 yards from the main road in the town I live in. Story is the kid that bought them (he’s probably 19 or 20) found them in the adjacent town. Probably 5 miles from my house on a backroad that I’ve actually been down a handful of times looking for old cars. They were literally under a shed behind a guys house. The guy he got them from was the original owner for both cars. Both of them 1972, both of them have factory Datsun air, not the add on thing under the dash. You can’t read it but the little sticker in the top left-hand corner of the wagon rear window actually says something about it being Datsun air-conditioned. And both of them are four speeds. I’m interested to see what ends up happening with them. I’ve got his phone number, and at some point he’ll be coming over to the house to see my 2 2-doors.
  7. “Red” has a thread on here somewhere with his graffitied 510. Although it hasn’t been updated in forever and I don’t remember if it’s in projects or the 510 section.
  8. ?They’re all 2 doors. ☺️ Keep’em coming
  9. And here I thought it was just a play on 5-10. Like something Snoop Dogg would say. Go figure
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