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  1. Had to get it. My mom had this Monza when I was a kid.
  2. It’s just a correct replica of the car in Back to the Future 3
  3. If I’m reading that tag correctly he lives 1 county to the west of me.
  4. That venue, Workplay, is co-owned by Alan Hunter and his brother. You may remember Alan as being one of the first MTV VJ’s.
  5. The plexiglass floor of the heavily modified one at the top of the last post.
  6. So the switcharoo fuckers have struck again. I wish I could catch the asshole in the act
  7. This might be a dumb question but would the 9” lights block too much air flow if they’re on top?
  8. Shameless plug, I have a BRE vintage racing 510 signed by John Morton for sale in the classifieds
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