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  1. This might be a dumb question but would the 9” lights block too much air flow if they’re on top?
  2. Shameless plug, I have a BRE vintage racing 510 signed by John Morton for sale in the classifieds
  3. Time Left: 6 days and 15 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Well, it is a Datsun. And signed by John Morton. I have a BRE Datsun 510 Vintage Racing Hotwheel for sale and figured I’d offer it her before putting it on Ebay or Amazon. It is in mint condition in a protective case. Please understand that the protective sleeve is signed, not the actual Hotwheels card! $500.00 plus shipping. I may negotiate a little on the price via PM however, if you think the price is crazy here are a few on ebay lately.


    Alabaster , Alabama - US

  4. Not actually a frame but I found this at a local flea market
  5. Ratsun.net doesn’t have that popup. Only the community.ratsun.net does AFAIK
  6. Found these at a cool toy shop in Savannah, GA last weekend
  7. webster bank branches in ri almost got me Upon closer inspection someone snaked the 510 and replaced it with an Audi
  8. Looks like Miller cans to me but I don’t drink beer. Yes, I knew who you meant.
  9. ^^^^Their new shit suck donkey dicks. Some stuff I’ve been listening to lately Much better than the original
  10. If I had a truck to take apart and redo the back of the cab and front of the bed would get the same treatment as the rest of it. Saw this about 2 hours ago
  11. Truck status currently
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