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  1. i have completely rebuilt the hinges too, usually if a spring falls out it is because the holes and pins in that arms are so worn out they will end up jamming and binding up and require welding fabrication to repair, and yes the springs are hard to put it there is a special tool, or collapse in vice and hold with bailing wire
  2. make life better put factory ones from a 78 620 in they are retractable
  3. These are very hard to find in store, after going through 6 boxes, I finally found two boxes the were still sealed. Found out there is only one in each box and it is the first one to come out.
  4. Time Left: 12 days and 8 hours

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    Wanted driver side pop out window I know there are a lot of people on here local to the Eugene Oregon area, and I would really appreciate help to find one with in reasonable driving distance to me. All I need is a good glass with no scratches on it, frame and seals are not important. There were two versions made 1968- 1970 are clear glass, 71 varies, 1972-1973 have a blue tint. you can see the comparison in the picture, the only way to tell is to have the sun shine through the glass and see if it leaves a tinted shadow on a white peace of paper. Still looking how are these so hard to get?


    Eugene, Oregon - US

  5. I think this is the best version I have seen to bad technoversions.com stopped producing they had the best price too. Lets get the demand up for some one to do another run.
  6. Has any one ever seen one of these and know the manufacture, bought in the 90s in japan. Its 1/43 solid resin
  7. For a very nice fit use TST Carpet Manufacturers, No seams on the hump these are vacuumed heat molded to an actual floorplan. they are two piece bound ends seamed at the front seat rail.
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