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  1. And in the same vein as Draker, I got this copy of a newspaper ad for a local Datsun dealer from the son of the dealerships owner.
  2. I would probably take my personal phone number off of here and let someone respond through the forum itself. Nefarious things can happen
  3. Yeah, that one and the orange one. According to the article they are all different year models
  4. I have a coworker that’s gone on a cruise this week for vacation. I hope they keep his dumb ass quarantined indefinitely.
  5. Coming soon https://lamleygroup.com/2020/02/26/m2-machines-dials-up-the-datsuns-with-a-new-620/
  6. I’m almost willing to bet my paycheck that green one in the photo above that they said they got from Alabama is the same car I posted in “Sightings” a long time ago. It was on the way to my sons previous school. I would repost the photo but PB forced me to delete all the pics I had there. here’s a satellite view
  7. Oh man I gotta find that Bob Sharp Tokyo Tuner.
  8. Had to get it. My mom had this Monza when I was a kid.
  9. It’s just a correct replica of the car in Back to the Future 3
  10. If I’m reading that tag correctly he lives 1 county to the west of me.
  11. That venue, Workplay, is co-owned by Alan Hunter and his brother. You may remember Alan as being one of the first MTV VJ’s.
  12. The plexiglass floor of the heavily modified one at the top of the last post.
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