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1200 brake upgrade mklotz70


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I was just looking at RA.....when you click on the part number to see which other vehicles it fits, it doesn't say if it works with sedan, wagon or diesel....it says see catalog for application.  Since this is the case, I think Morrisun is right.....one application listing will help eliminate any confusion.  I've changed it on the site already.  Thanks guys!!

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Alright, I'm just gonna ask.


I used this thread and the wiki on 1200.com to figure out what parts I needed for my swap. Everything looks good but when I went to install the S13 brake hoses the loop the hose makes at the bottom and the angle of the banjo causes the hose to hit the sway bar end link.

Did I get the wrong hoses? They seem excessively long but work well with no interference at the top section, but the loop is too long on the bottom.


I'm at work right now, but I got my nephew to mock up the hose and take some pics. 








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Yes, this is a good place to ask the question for continuity's sake.


I can't believe 6+ years have already gone by since doing this with Doug.  A few years ago, I basically turned all the 1200 stuff over to Doug.  He bought the last of the brackets I had and he's selling them now.  I would have to refer people to him anytime someone asked a question, so it just seemed fair to let him make whatever money there was to be made on the brackets.  Quite honestly, I don't know the answer to your question.  I'm sure Doug will since he still deals with these parts on a regular basis.  I haven't touched them in a few years.  I'll pm you his email address.  If he doesn't respond, let me know and I'll call him directly to take a look at this post.


You can also find his email address with the 1200 brake kit listing on my site www.bluehandsinc.com

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The brake line pictured above were made from ready made hoses and fittings were added, supplied by Oil Filter Service.


I have been looking into ready made hoses. The link below is for 86-89 Acura Intergra. They come 4 to a box , free shipping and $20.00



DNA Motoring Part#



There are two different lengths, so you can run the calipers in either leading or trailing positions- swap strut assemblies left to right and right to left for mounting them in leading position. There is a mounting bracket (look like a black grommet sorta kinda)  on each of the hoses which you can secure to the strut tube as you see fit.

Stock Intergra hoses SHOULD work, as these are replacement for stock hoses.


But, if you have a better  hose application to apply to this 200SX brake swap, please post pictures and what they are supposed to fit.





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After surveying other 1200 owners using this brake kit, switching to an aftermarket B210 end links, like: http://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=274729&cc=1210802&jsn=365


These links allow you to install short links, as you can shorten the spacer if necessary, This would provide the space needed for the 240sx front rubber brake hose.

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This brake kit is designed for 70-73 Datsun 1200's with factory front disc brakes, does not fit front drum brake models.


Later 1200 Sunny trucks had 50mm front struts and front brakes similar to 120y or B210's.

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This is a write up on determining which wheels will work with this brake kit BEFORE you take this route. This is an "off the car" write-up.

Parts: 240sx rear brake rotors, 1984-90 Pulsar front caliper (48mm) and brake pads. Note: 240sx rear rotor is slightly thinner(9mm) than the 1982-88, 200sx rear rotor, (10mm).

NOTE: This kit widens front track width by 1/2" total. The thickness of the two rotor hats

Wheel is 13X5.5 Western Wheel.

MOST parts stores will let you return calipers and rotors if not all greases and messed-up, brake pads that may be a different story depending on the store.

IF you don't want to buy pads, no worries 5/8 wood spacers, or what solid material you wish to use... want spacers to reflect same thickness as NEW brake pads, as the floating caliper is at it's closest to the inner wheel rim.

This will allow you to test fit wheel/rotor/caliper to MOST Datsun/Nissan RWD, FWD you are on your own.

Datsun 1200 front hub rotor, remove from spindle, and separate captured rotor from hub.



10.5 inches flat across mounting hub- should work- but...

Pads in place in Pulsar caliper.


Cardboard shims in between caliper piston and inner brake pad to keep outer pad tight against the rotor.


Finger tighten lug nuts, don't skip this part...if there is interference between the caliper body and the rim of the wheel you WILL damgae the wheel!


The blue ink shows where the caliper was binding on the wheel rim.

Using 5mm spacer, allowed clearance between rotor and rim, remember spacers widen the front track and may foul the fender.
Other factors to consider: wheel/tire clearance to strut/coilover springs, steering arm clearance to wheel rim when "roll center spacers' are added for 13" or14" wheels.
Edited by Morrisun
spelling errors
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I actually got around to finally installing these (5 or so years later?), still need to find a banjo bolt that fits (any help on size and fit?) as it wasn't on the fully loaded calipers.


Kit went together well. 




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9 hours ago, mklotz70 said:

Thanks Mike! 


That helps a lot.


I was digging through the threads looking for that as I had (wrongly) seemed to remember your site just clicked back to a thread here and the googles weren't helping.


Probably a good chance I actually ordered the damn bolts too and they just got lost in the 3 moves since (all the brake parts had gone into one storage container I thought).

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You're welcome.  


A quick run to the scrap yard.....almost any nissan banjo bolt will work.  You may want to get ones from a car caliper.  I'm not 100% sure the length is the same....but if it's not, you can always just grind a bit off the end.


Did you click on the "more info" link for the hoses/bolts?  I meant to send it with the last one.  You can see the difference in length.



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Yes, it is the short one, I realized that I hadn't listed the banjo bolt for the Sentra caliper, as SOMETIMES they are missing from the calipers when I have ordered

them from RockAuto in the past.

I appreciate you adding this brake info to your site as getting the right part the first time makes these swap/upgrades that much easier!

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