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    5 70-73 Datsun 510's, 3 Datsun 1000's, 8 D21 pickups, '83 200SX, '83 RX-7 GSL, 86 Multi 4WD........
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  1. And??? Then what happened after you fixed the wires?
  2. My opinion? Unboosted 280ZX BMC in the 510 is just too stiff. I think you'll find the same in the 710. If it has a booster reuse it if you can. Boosted brakes are much easier on the leg especially at our advanced age. ? And I find them easier to modulate without breaking the seatback.
  3. Weird I'm getting the circle with the line through it on the latest pics.
  4. Apparently the "cheap" fix is to use Maxima VCs they used to be cheaper than the 350/G35 ones. not sure if that's still true as Nissan "updated" the Max covers so they cost more. ?
  5. With no booster the pedal is going to be FIRM. Better start doing squats..
  6. I like the pic with the BMW, but I'm trying to figure out why your rear quarter/trunk looks so stubby. It seems out of proportion, especially next to the Bimmer.
  7. I disagree. I like the tow hooks. They are part of the cars charm.
  8. :no: :frantics: That poor trunk lid.
  9. Just tried it. Took a couple tries but I got it! Thanks again.
  10. This! I use a piece of clear hose from the hardware store and a 90deg piece of copper plumbing I cut off of some junk and it is super fast and decently clean.
  11. Awesome, Thanks! I'll give it a try.
  12. You should at least keep that stub axle and companion flange. Both of those bumpers are better than most of my stash.
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