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  1. If he's only lifting Datsuns then I wouldn't worry at all.
  2. Hondabond is good, but I prefer the factory approved sealant. From factory Nissan uses a grey RTV, If the engine has been touched by a Nissan dealer it will have orange RTV. This is all I use.
  3. The 1984-85 RX-7 GSL-SE is the one you want. It comes with LSD and disc brakes, along with the proper 4x114.3 bolt pattern. The GSL non SE version is slightly smaller has all of the goodies, but has a 4X110 bolt pattern. Both are unobtainium where I live. Not sure you're going to find many in the rust belt.
  4. This specific 1200 is far from pristine so we're going to flare it anyway. Flares coupled with FWD offset wheels and it shouldn't be to bad. As near as I can figure the Ford 7.5 is only 3" wider so it should work.
  5. I looked this up. This is a 32 spline yoke which IIRC is for a FS5R30A. The typical Datsun/Nissan trans FS5W71A,B,C is 24 spline. Which will fit with the Z-car depot yoke. Still good to know, but probably overkill for my application.
  6. https://zcardepot.com/collections/drive-shaft/products/transmission-driveshaft-slip-yoke-input-240z-260z-280z This seems to be correct if I'm using the typical 24 spline Nissan trans.
  7. Thanks! That's exactly the kind of info I was looking for. As soon as it warms up here I'll be scouring the junkyards in search of a diff. Do you happen to have the part# for that yoke?
  8. My time is just that. My time, I don't count that in. I used to build diffs and driveshafts for heavy duty so slapping together a bunch of junkyard parts is no big deal. In fact I kind of enjoy it when I'm not on the clock.
  9. Nice! But you must have missed the part where I'm cheap.... 😉
  10. I'm going to have to check that out. I've seen a couple in the junkyard.
  11. Way to strong for what I need, but definitely interested in pics.
  12. Datzenmike I get the Datsun bias. Right there with you. DaBlist and I were on the same page...
  13. A little heavy.... I'm thinking Ford 7.5 from a Ranger. Cheap. Not super wide and easily found. Also can be found with a LSD.
  14. I should have been more clear. Chevy S10... Like I said the S110 and '84 S12 are harder to come by around here than RX-7s and AE86s. I wish I had kept the diffs from my old S110s but they never came with a LSD anyway. (at least not in this country) Also I'm a cheapskate, so buying a $1000 LSD is never going to happen. I was racking my brain for other factory options of light diffs with LSD, but couldn't come up with many. That's why I put it to the collective knowledge of Ratsun... The Chevy S10 is interesting as it is a lighter diff and chevy LSDs are exactly expensive. I have no need to have a removable pumpkin so that's not an issue.. Disc brakes, not sure what they might have come on as I like to use off the shelf parts. No need to reinvent the wheel. V6 Camaro? 4 cyl S-series truck? Vega? What about Ford? Pinto? Ranger 4cyl? I guess I have a lot of googling to do. Thanks for the tips guys. I'm open to all suggestions..
  15. 200SXs are harder to come by than RX-7s and Corollas... Neither of those came with LSDs. Never thought about an S10. I'll have to do some research on those. No idea what size the diff is.
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