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  1. The headache was pretty bad, but I used to suffer with migraines, so all in all not that bad. That sucks... I agree.
  2. Define brutal? I've had chicken pox, measles, strep throat and mono. All of these were worse than covid. I've had the flu way worse than this when my daughter was in elementary school. Glad those days are over. I'm overweight, out of shape and in my 50s. Seemed relatively mild to me. 🙃
  3. Agreed. I got into Datsuns when you could buy them for $50 and a $500 one was a solid car. Now you can't find a basket case for less than $2500. It has basically priced me right out of the hobby. Good thing I have more than a few Datsuns already.
  4. WOW!! https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1976-toyota-celica-4/
  5. Sounds about right, but was mostly fine in 5 days. Symptoms move along fast. For me it was one to two days per symptom, one at a time.
  6. Probably got fired for not complying...
  7. Mine was a coupe. I thought it looked like a 68 Camaro (which I wanted, but couldn't afford) Funny how the hatchback looked like a Mustang and the coupe looked like a Camaro.
  8. My very first car was a 76 Celica GT, then a 76 Corona GT. I beat on those cars mercilessly and they took it like a champ. Then I bought my first 510 and the rest, as they say, is history.
  9. Corollas and Celicas are like hens teeth and crazy expensive.
  10. What decade Hyundais? Pony? Excel? Rio? Ladas can be fixed with a hammer... Dead simple, pretty reliable, no creature comforts..... They rust like anything else in salt country.
  11. They were plentiful here in Canada, not sure if they were imported into the US. They can be imported either way. http://sovietcar.com/services/
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