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  1. I did the Klotz brake swap on the green 1200 and no regrets it stops amazing and looks good. Had to upgrade to 14" rims though. I'll ad that I feel no need to put discs on the rear... fwiw
  2. I second what Tom says. Redline MT-90 works well in my transmissions and is readily available here in Canada even if it is a bit expensive. Brock
  3. Sooo, where the update? You've had all summer.
  4. You don't have to put it where the stock one was. Just put it where it's most convenient. There are multiple spots to drill. Check out other L and Z series engines for options.
  5. Let er rip. If it doesn't work out, what the hell do I know. 😉
  6. I can't see why that spot would be a problem. Obviously made for it by the factory. Are you thinking that the dipstick will hit the "girdle"? Doesn't look like it in the pic, but perspective is everything.
  7. FYI, just put a block of wood in the crank pulley and Jack the front of the engine up. That will lower the back and allow you to slide the input shaft in.
  8. Ya, no electric PS in the 90s at least in Nissans anyway. (Edit: apparently there was some in the 80s with micro cars JDM only(Suzuki, Mitsubishi) and the 90s with the NSX worldwide.) Can't say I have. I have a buddy with a V8 510, no PS in his car. That being said, your explanation makes complete sense especially for an enduro car. Anything you can do to reduce driver fatigue as long as it doesn't come with too much of a weight penalty. I appreciate you taking the time to explain your thought process and look forward to seeing how it turns out. Brock
  9. Project is coming along quite nicely. I do have one question though. No hate, just a question. Why do you feel the need to have power steering? I have been driving 510s for 30 years. All sorts of power levels and engine configurations and tire widths, but never felt the need for power steering. I remember when everyone was loading their cars with stereos or putting all sorts of electrical doodads in their cars (power locks, windows ..) The 90s 🙄 But I don't remember anyone pining for power steering. Just an observation from an old guy. Love the car though. 😁
  10. I've been mulling this over for a while trying to decide what I should put a VH45DE in. I have an AE86, now that is begging for a 1UZ-FE.
  11. I vote VH45DE or VK45 or 56DE... This is a Nissan/Datsun site after all. 😁 BTW I also am old (class of 86) and love Datsuns, AE86s and Starions. Have Datsuns and Toyotas, but no Mitsubishi yet. Although my brother had a Sapporo. I loved that car.
  12. And??? Then what happened after you fixed the wires?
  13. My opinion? Unboosted 280ZX BMC in the 510 is just too stiff. I think you'll find the same in the 710. If it has a booster reuse it if you can. Boosted brakes are much easier on the leg especially at our advanced age. ? And I find them easier to modulate without breaking the seatback.
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