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1200 brake upgrade mklotz70


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19 hours ago, Morrisun said:

The banjo bolt for the Sentra Caliper used in this brake upper grade is a RAYBESTOS H5381 {#463560E00A, 46462SE0000} $3.15

OR NISSAN 463560E00A for about $5.85, both available from rockauto.com




9 hours ago, mklotz70 said:

I'm guessing that's the shortest one I have.  I hope you don't mind, I just added it to the other info on my site for the banjo bolts....

http://www.bluehandsinc.com/hoses---banjo-bolts.html  middle of the page.  Thanks Doug! 🙂


I'm running a different hose evidently, been so long since I ordered I'd have to go look at the box (edit: has to be one of the ones posted here earlier or I wouldn't have ordered it to begin with), but it definitely has the shorter completely rounded style banjo end and was basically a perfect fit, even had the mid metal bit to mount to the strut and (I just bent the ears on the mount a bit to slid it in and then rebent, reused the original clips too, with the body mount one I tossed the bit that goes over the piece welded inside the fender and reused the clip as it was about a mm shorter for the pass through to the female end). (Edit: I'm not running a swaybar yet and won't be running stock so maybe it will hit later? It seemed to run pretty much the same as the original line so I can't see that happening, it it does I might make a soft mount for clearance).


I ordered the Dorman 13912 at 27.5 mm, if too long I'll lop a bit off. Thanks for the help guys, just waiting on it to ship now. 

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  • 1 month later...

Hi Tom. This is a copy/paste from pg9(previous page.......


Yes, this is a good place to ask the question for continuity's sake.


I can't believe 6+ years have already gone by since doing this with Doug.  A few years ago, I basically turned all the 1200 stuff over to Doug.  He bought the last of the brackets I had and he's selling them now.  I would have to refer people to him anytime someone asked a question, so it just seemed fair to let him make whatever money there was to be made on the brackets.  Quite honestly, I don't know the answer to your question.  I'm sure Doug will since he still deals with these parts on a regular basis.  I haven't touched them in a few years.  I'll pm you his email address.  If he doesn't respond, let me know and I'll call him directly to take a look at this post.


You can also find his email address with the 1200 brake kit listing on my site www.bluehandsfab.com (last item on page)

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  • 2 years later...

I know some people still stumble on this thread while searching the ether for brake solutions for their 1200. Good news is Doug is still responsive via email, and a pleasure to deal with.


A decade later, and I've got some information that hasn't surfaced in here just yet. These brake kits are also compatible with late model 1200 pick-ups with factory disc brakes. The late model ('89 - '94) 1200 pick-ups from Japan have 45mm strut tubes, and matching caliper hole spacing to the early B110's. Here's a photo of this brake kit, supplied by Doug, mocked-up on a late model pick-up.


The only modification required is the hub bore of the truck itself. The late model trucks have a 73mm centre bore, this must be reduced to 66.1mm to allow the S13 discs to slip over the front face. It's better to modify the hubs than the discs so that you can just use off the shelf parts time after time.


Clears *some* 13" wheels without a spacer depending on the barrel diameter immediately following the mounting face, as discussed at length previously in this thread. SSR MK1's, MK2's & MK3's will require a 5mm spacer because of their barrel design. Advan A3A's, Weds Racing MK1's, SSR Star Formula's all clear the B11/N12 caliper without the need for a spacer.







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