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    Searching for an H-pattern 5-speed for my Datsun 1200 pick-up. Would prefer the FS5W60A over the FS5W60L, but I'll take anything I can get at this point. I'll pay shipping from anywhere - don't care.


    - CA

  2. Really excited to see this come together, man. Well done!
  3. Haven't stopped by in a long time - really stoked to see this thing coming together for you. Well done, man.
  4. Damn, those covers are a good look! Jamel at Final Heaven hook you up with those by any chance?
  5. What's the word on this thing, man? I always check back hoping for running vids, haha!
  6. Dude, that is remarkably clean. Good shit!
  7. Kudos to whoever is cutting and notching the tubing for that cage, because that is some damn fine work. Everything's looking really good, dude.
  8. Does the upper plenum really consume that much space? It seems like such a bummer to have a fuel system so well put together, only to have it end up at a factory rail. I should also mention that for whatever reason, the alloy that the rail is made out of burns away like a mother fucker when you're trying to weld it. Also; that illustration turned out amazing.
  9. Surprised you didn't just go for an aftermarket rail. Seems like it would have solved all your issues, and looked pretty while doing it!
  10. Tires are definitely going to be an issue if he decides to go with 14's or 13's. R888's are about the only choice he's going to have, and even then - the sizes are awfully limited. (Safe for running full slicks!)
  11. 14's would be an awfully happy medium! Looks good, regardless.
  12. I didn't even know those ferrules existed. Glad to hear ya got it sorted out!
  13. Totally floored at what you've been able to accomplish, Bob. Beyond awesome!
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